Wellness To Go Kit – Includes 10 Face Masks, 2 bottle 2oz Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer, 10 Antibacterial Wipes, 10 Nitrile Gloves

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Our Wellness To Go kit includes:
10 disposable face masks (Not for Medical Use)
2 1oz bottle of 62.5% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer that’s the perfect size to tuck in your pocket or purse for trips to the grocery store or pharmacy. Use it before you go in and again when you come out!
a travel pack of 10 antibacterial wipes, formulated with 75% alcohol and 0.3% benzethonium chloride, for a knock-out punch that kills 99.99% of germs on surfaces you can’t avoid touching (grocery cart handles!). Plus, they’re formulated with aloe and lanolin to make them gentle enough to use on your hands and face.
10 disposable nitrile gloves, for times when you just can’t avoid touching things in public. Use with hand sanitizer for best results.

Plus, when you purchase the Wellness To Go kit, we at Blue Echo Care will donate wet wipes and antibacterial wash to a local hospital, doctor’s office, or fire station to help protect the frontline responders who protect all of us. Check out our donation page to find out more! And thank you for being socially responsible. We wish you and your family the best of health.

88 reviews for Wellness To Go Kit – Includes 10 Face Masks, 2 bottle 2oz Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer, 10 Antibacterial Wipes, 10 Nitrile Gloves

  1. christine

    Means the world to me that we can get these necessary products. I’ve looked everywhere for hand sanitizers. Thank you

  2. tony G

    how many masks come with this kit?

  3. Lola

    thank you!

  4. Alexandria

    Very happy with the masks.

  5. JoAnne

    This is a great find!

  6. Kieth

    What a great company!

  7. Nick

    Thankful for these items, They arrived just in time for our necessary outing.

  8. Hillary

    This kit has been perfect for the new normal.

  9. AnnaBelle

    I have several of these kits and keep them in the car, the garage, the kitchen. They have become a necessary everyday item to keep stocked around the house.

  10. Henry


  11. Lizzy

    Just what the doctor ordered. Thank you.

  12. Denny

    We bought several of these. they are easy to toss in the places you are likely to need them so they are there for you when you do.

  13. Harriet

    Thanks for this!

  14. Chad

    Happy to get the gloves. The other items are a bonus!

  15. Donna

    YES!! Well received!

  16. Harriet

    A gift for everyone I know and cannot see. I was happy to send these out to family to let them know I care.

  17. Edith

    Complete set of necessities.

  18. Regina


  19. Richard

    Happy to find these items all in one place.

  20. Freddy

    Hand sanitizer works great.

  21. Daphane

    Love this kit for the car

  22. Keri

    Thank you

  23. Karina

    Everything I ned in one place

  24. Greg

    Very helpful

  25. Jill

    Thank you

  26. Kathy

    Easy to throw in my purse.

  27. Samantha

    Thank goodness for the masks

  28. Andrea

    This is essential for travel of the present and moving forward.

  29. Gina

    Great items! I am so glad that these are nicely put together AND shipped quickly! Thank you for making this the best day yet!

  30. Hildegard

    Smiling under the mask!

  31. Katie

    Really super!

  32. Veronica

    I keep a kit with me and will travel with one from now on.

  33. Lynette


  34. Melody

    These kits have become my essential item that I take with me literally, EVERYWHERE!
    Thank you!

  35. Abrigaile

    One stop shopping!

  36. Esmarelda


  37. Hattie

    Wipes and gloves are with me at all times and the masks are always in my handbag

  38. Lyle

    Overjoyed to have this kit!

  39. Ginger

    Saved the day!

  40. Iggy

    Friendly customer service.

  41. Jill

    Amazing products

  42. Romero

    Really relieved for this

  43. Kharim


  44. Harry

    Joyful social distance celebration after we received this little number

  45. Alicia

    Did the trick!

  46. Julius

    What a pack! Love these for me!

  47. Gerold

    Thanks a bunch.

  48. Hillary

    Everything I need

  49. Chaz

    Wowzers!! This is awesome!

  50. Gina

    Love all of the items in this wellness must have.

  51. Landon

    Yes!! It has been a while since we had such a complete kit on the market.

  52. Jessica

    Just about as good as it gets!

  53. Lily

    So good.

  54. Alice

    Great combination of products for wellness!

  55. Esther

    THE kit to have!

  56. Andy

    All is well in our household

  57. Rhonda

    Good thing DO happen!!

  58. Molly

    This kit ROCKS!!

  59. Lauren

    Easy peazy!

  60. Anna

    This is a great fit for us. Perfect for the car and boat.

  61. Lola

    Thanks a bunch!

  62. Ridge

    Ready to roll!

  63. Randy

    I got this now!!

  64. Thaddeus

    Everything we needed.

  65. Tiffany

    Thanks a bunch!

  66. Kennedy

    All of the essentials in this little package

  67. Sarah

    Thank you!

  68. Ivy

    Protection at last!!

  69. Colton


  70. Jason

    Good stuff

  71. Penny

    Found your website and purchased. it came very quickly and was exactly as described.

  72. Connie

    Perfect amounts of everything.

  73. Rick

    Gloves are great!

  74. Fiona

    Wowzers!! This is the best.

  75. Fern

    Thank you for all of this!

  76. Hazel

    It worked really well.

  77. Mable

    Everything I dreamed of .

  78. Mable

    Everything I dreamed of all in one place.

  79. Bob


  80. Paul

    Great collection for the car

  81. Yvonne

    I keep one of these in my gym bag.

  82. Austin

    My mom got this for me to keep with me while I am out doing deliveries. She thinks of everything!

  83. August

    This kit is the one that I have to have. It is just the correct amount of all the items we need to go out in this uncertain world.

  84. Kerri

    Happy happy joy joy!!

  85. Victoria

    you made this so easy!

  86. Lorde

    all the best!

  87. Quinn

    Super deal!

  88. Nancy


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