3ply Disposable Face Masks- 50 pcs – Breathable, To Protect and Stop Large Liquid Particulates From Entering The Atmosphere

(83 customer reviews)


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These masks are not to be purchased for medical purposes.

83 reviews for 3ply Disposable Face Masks- 50 pcs – Breathable, To Protect and Stop Large Liquid Particulates From Entering The Atmosphere

  1. Dan

    Thank you for these masks. They were much needed for our family who has an elder living with us!

  2. Beverly


  3. Effie

    Saving grace.

  4. Harold

    Great product

  5. Selena

    Thank you for having these available for the new normal.

  6. Laynette

    Great value and much need. Thank you

  7. Patricia

    Thank you kindly

  8. Erick

    Did exactly what I need them to.

  9. Oscar


  10. Karl

    Thank you for an everyday mask that works

  11. Nelson

    Great product for price

  12. Lisa

    Now we have enough to go around and keep in a multitude of places. Thank you

  13. Shirley

    Thank you

  14. Fredrich

    Great to see the proper usage illustrations.

  15. Gustov


  16. Westly

    Breathable and easy to use

  17. Rachael

    Very happy to receive these today!

  18. Tammy

    Resting better now that we have a small supply on hand.

  19. Pat

    I have recommended your product to a few of my friends who are looking for masks.

  20. Quibley

    Love the quantity

  21. Jody

    Yay!! I have enough for a while!

  22. Frances


  23. Joyce

    Thank you for having these available. My family can go out and feel good that we are doing our social duty in keeping ourselves and others safe.

  24. Howard

    Thank you for the proper instructions on how and what to do with these masks.

  25. Monika

    Thank you!

  26. Faye

    All smiles under here!

  27. Natalie

    These are perfect for our office. We give them to clients as they come in if they need one.

  28. Alika


  29. Caitriona

    Very much appreciated

  30. Gabby

    Thank you

  31. Hatty

    Any mask is a good mask but this mask is the best mask!!

  32. Edwardo

    Relieved to see these arrived today. Thank you

  33. Bonnie

    Great pack to have!

  34. Hess

    A lot to be thankful for.

  35. Jackson

    Thank you Blue Echo Care team! my family and I love the softness of these masks and they make us feel safe.

  36. Isabell

    We feel ready to go anywhere now.

  37. Penelope

    A must have for spring going into summer fashion. As much as we do not want to think it, it is definitely here to stay.

  38. Addison

    Great price on an abundance of masks! Very happy!

  39. Stella

    We have these available to those who need them in our office. They have been well received by everyone and we are so very thankful to be able to distribute them.

  40. Adeline

    Many thanks

  41. Levi

    Well done on this full size package

  42. Mateo

    Helpful video to assure we are all wearing it right!

  43. Caleb

    Super deal!

  44. Ashley

    These are perfect, and when worn correctly, do not fog up my glasses!

  45. Lillian

    We are relieved to receive our shipment of these today.

  46. Johnathan

    A mask for everyone!

  47. Khloe

    These are great! So happy they arrived so quickly!

  48. Santiago

    What a great comfort knowing we have these available.

  49. Jace

    The mother load has arrived! YES!!!

  50. Mike

    These are a great choice for our household.

  51. Isla

    Just a couple of gals looking for a good face mask!

  52. Amelia

    Thanks for such a generous amount!

  53. Olivia

    We are so happy with these. Thank you.

  54. Madison

    thank you!

  55. Cole

    The SUPER pack has arrived!

  56. Carlos

    Thank you

  57. Beau

    The best for protection and comfort

  58. Eric

    Great masks!

  59. Fred

    Hefty amount should keep us safe for a while.

  60. Debbie

    We will keep this company on speed dial!!

  61. Kenneth

    Ready to go!

  62. Seth

    Thank you!

  63. Sally

    Masks arrived as described.

  64. Britta


  65. Nellie

    So many places to wear these now. We are grateful to be on the safe side.

  66. Brooke


  67. Charles

    A generous amount

  68. Patricia

    Great Scott!1 lots of coverage here.

  69. Patricia

    Great Scott! Lots of coverage here.

  70. Gail

    Thanks a 50 pack!

  71. Martha

    Great value for the amount of masks.
    Thanks a bunch

  72. Connie

    We all deserve to have these in our wellness kits!

  73. Donna

    Joy to the maker of the mask!

  74. Janet

    Arrived in style, mask in place!

  75. Karen

    Well beyond amazing!

  76. Janet

    Box of safe social distance gear!

  77. Robert

    Fight back the virus and its spread with these in your tool kit.

  78. Jessica

    My go to collection for autumn.

  79. Jason

    Great mask!!

  80. Jolene

    Where have you been all my Covid life?

  81. Edith

    Rotation of a regular supply

  82. Georgia

    These are here to stay!

  83. Jessica

    From Covid, with love.

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