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Blue Echo Care and COVID-19:

We are here to help. We have Masks, Nebulizers, Hand Sanitizers, Antibacterial Wipes and Nitrile Gloves ready to ship. Call anytime at (855) 860-3404.

Available 24/7, No Hold Music, No Automated Answering Service, Only Real People

For every purchase of a Wellness Kit with Nebulizer, our team donates a bottle of Hand Sanitizer , two KN95 masks and 10 Nitrile Gloves to a Hospital or Healthcare Facility in need. We want to help, and we invite you to join us. Find out more by visiting our Wellness Kits Product Page.

Help & Support Call Us : (855) 860-3404

We are a US company and all of our employees answers phone calls, including our founders and president.

Letter From Our Founder

Our mission has always been to provide high quality, at-home, affordable healthcare products. Never has this mission been more critical than it is now. As a family-run business, we are here for you during this pandemic and we will be here for you afterwards. You can call us, chat with us or email us any time. We don’t use hold music or automated messaging. If we miss your call, which is rare, leave a voicemail and one of us will call you right back.

As for our business; because of our long-standing relationships with medical device manufacturers in the USA and abroad, we have access to high quality masks, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes that we are making available to you the consumer as well as donating to Hospitals, Medical Staff, Fire Departments and Small Businesses. We will continue to provide these products for sale at the same low prices we always have. We also have a broad range of products to promote health, including our nebulizers and health vitamins.

And we are donating thousands of KN95 masks and other personal protective equipment to frontline health responders, and we invite you to join in. Now more than ever is the time to support each other and take care of each other, and we here at Blue Echo Care hope that we can help you and your family maintain your good health and peace of mind in these trying times.


Our Products

Our best in class medical devices, instruments and vitamins have all gone through the same rigorous clinical testing demanded by the top medical facilities and doctors offices to ensure you receive the highest quality, most durable products on the market. Our Nebulizers are not professional use devics. These are class 1 registered devices, with registration number 3015418903 and are identified as an ear, nose, and throat health administration device under Regulation Number 874.5220 intended specifically to administer substances to treat ear, nose, and throat disorders.

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Check Out The Below Video to Learn How Blue Echo Care Got Its Start

About Us

Don’t just dream of a better you: do it, with best in class products at an affordable price

Paying unaffordable prices for medical devices is a thing of the past – now you can buy the same, high quality devices found in doctor’s offices from the comfort of your home computer or smartphone for a fraction of the cost.
Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your loved ones but with rising costs of insurance premiums, doctors visits, and prescription medicines, even the most well off families have their budgets tested when unexpected health issues arise. That’s why our team at Blue Echo Care offers a wide array of medical grade instruments and devices straight from the same sources as the doctors offices and medical facilities you and your family have grown to trust. Proper healthcare shouldn’t be just for those that can afford it. Take your healthcare into your own hands. Blue Echo Care is here to guide the way.

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