Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – 62% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Solution -12 Bottles of 1oz per purchase – Made in the USA – Perfect For on The Go Travel

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  • Store under 105F
  • Kills germs and bacteria with alcohol
  • Safe & effective for kids and adults (when used as directed)
  • Citrus Scented
  • Promotes soft skin with natural aloe vera
  • Inactive Ingredients include: Purified Water, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Carbomer, Aloe Vera, Fragrance

Directions for Use:

To use hand sanitizer properly, your hands should first be clean of grease and dirt. Thoroughly wet your hands with sanitizer and then let them dry without wiping them off! You should use hand sanitizer before you go into any public place, and again when you come out.


For External Use ONLY

Flammable.  Keep away from fire and flame

When using this product, keep out of eyes.  In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.

If irritation or redness to the skin occurs, immediately stop use and consult a doctor.

Keep out of reach of children.  If swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control enter right away.


72 reviews for Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – 62% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Solution -12 Bottles of 1oz per purchase – Made in the USA – Perfect For on The Go Travel

  1. margo

    So cheap! Glad to find these.

  2. Alexia

    for those wondering, 62% alcohol

  3. Maggie

    Great value for the product!

  4. Willow

    Smells great and works perfectly!

  5. Harvey

    Handy little buggers!

  6. Johnette

    Large pack so that we can put them literally, everywhere!

  7. Tonya

    Convenient to have

  8. Jesse

    Thank you

  9. Rodger

    One of the good ones

  10. Mark

    These are fantastic!

  11. Natasha

    Great fragrance and they do not dry your hands out

  12. Happy Mom

    Two for the car, one for the beach bag, two in the purse, one by the mudroom.. what a great multitude for placement options!

  13. Regina

    Great for the kids

  14. Janice

    I have given these as a gift to a few of my friends who have children and are always on the go. Very handy

  15. Kai


  16. Livi

    These are SO great! I even wipe down surfaces with it when I am in a pinch. I put it on a tissue and wipe away!

  17. Naevia

    Happy to have so many.

  18. Udonna

    Really great!

  19. Harvey

    I use these frequently and make sure I have a couple with me at all times.

  20. Cora

    We are purchasing these for the wedding party when we get things rolling. Keeping them in baskets EVERYWHERE.

  21. Alaeia

    All I can say is WOW! What a great and convenient bottle size.

  22. Gayle

    I love these!

  23. Leslie

    Thank you for the plenty o sanitizers.

  24. Sandra

    I am so happy to have these

  25. Greg

    We have enough to go around for a while

  26. Tracy

    My kids are happy to use this! That makes me a better momma.

  27. Kilee

    So cute!

  28. Kelsey

    Made in the USA, hurray!

  29. Berta

    Great little pocket size

  30. Annamarie

    Love these and keep them in every place imaginable.

  31. Tina

    Love these little guys!

  32. Connie

    Inexpensive and great quality!

  33. Emma

    Love this stuff! I have them placed in every nook and cranny!

  34. Lolly

    Found my go to hand sanitizer

  35. Bernadette

    Small but mighty!

  36. Susan

    Wow! Love these.

  37. Izzy

    Sanitizer done right!

  38. Numbia

    Mini magic!

  39. Kylie

    So many places to keep all of these.

  40. Nadine

    These have become like candy, we give them out and have them in our pockets.

  41. Cheyenne

    After using these for a couple of weeks now, I really like how they do not dry my hands out. The scent is also very pleasant. I always feel like I am doing my part.

  42. Ian

    We love these little guys!

  43. Adrianna

    Perfect for all the nooks and crannies

  44. Zelda

    sooo cute!!

  45. Sphen

    The sanitizer and the performance is exceptional.

  46. Allison

    The best by far!

  47. Kaylee

    This is great to have so we can be prepared.

  48. WIlliam

    Great product and well packaged.

  49. Layla

    Great for travel!

  50. Violet

    Whoohooo!! They have packed a punch!

  51. Hazel

    Good times to be had with these little sweethearts.

  52. Sarah

    Thank you!

  53. Clara

    These will be distributed gratefully to anyone who needs them.

  54. Mia

    Kills germs on contact!!

  55. Genniveve

    These will be everywhere in our lives from now on!

  56. Nan


  57. Sally

    So much goodness!

  58. Vivian

    Stocking up!

  59. Tanya

    I think these are the most perfect size. They really smell good and work well.

  60. Ashley


  61. Lindsay

    I really appreciate the size of these. They are so easy to pack everywhere.

  62. Paul

    Super easy to use and drys quickly

  63. Kilee

    Fresh scent

  64. Brandi

    A bright spot in todays world!

  65. Wendy

    Glad these are so good and made in America!

  66. Georgia

    I love this 12 pack!

  67. Shannon

    Goodness in a cute mini size.

  68. Ted

    These are at our business front door as give aways. Need to always be ahead of the game.

  69. Antionette

    Baskets full of these.

  70. Candace

    Thank you!

  71. Leary

    These are the perfect size.

  72. Joyce

    These fit everywhere.

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