How To Use A Nebulizer!

In this article, we are going to get straight to the facts about how to properly use a compact piston compressor nebulizer. Watch the Below video and go to 42 seconds in to see demonstrations of all the parts and read below for the detailed how to.


  1. Clean your hands and place compressor on a flat surface.  You want to make sure that you minimize bacterial exposure to your nebulizer at all times.
  2. Make sure the black button to the right of the front of the nebulizer is turned off.
  3. Open the filter cover next to the tube connector on the compressor and add a new filter.  This can be done with your fingernails or a flat head screw driver if the cap is being stubborn.
  4. Attach plastic tube to the connector on the front of the compressor and the base of the cup.
  5. Ensure the ends are tightly connected to the cup and the compressor.  The air flow rate and PSI on Blue Echo Care Nebulizers are around 10 LPM and 30 PSI and can easily blow the tube off when the nebulizer is turned on.
  6. Add your solution to the solution cup, gently twist the cap back on.
  7. Make sure the cap is connected tightly so spillage doesn’t occur.
  8. Attach mask or mouthpiece to the solution cup
  9. Put mask over head or mouthpiece between teeth and close lips around it.
  10. Make sure the power switch is turned “off” then plug the power cord into an appropriate electrical outlet.
  11. Press power switch to turn on.
  12. Take normal breathes until the solution is gone.

To Clean, soak plastic tubing, mask or mouthpiece, and solution cup in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes. Remove and soak in warm water for another 15 minutes then let air dry.

That simple!  Time to store your Nebulizer for next time.

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