It’s Allergy Season Again!

It’s allergy season again and pollen is in the air!  According to statistics, up to 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and it is the 6th leading cause of chronic diseases in the US!  Common symptoms of allergic reactions including sneezing, stuffy or itchy nose and watery eyes usually become the norm for most people suffering from this condition as the season progresses.  However, you do not have to go through the pain and frustration of allergic reactions unlike in the past. In addition, you do not have to take harsh medications made from ingredients that are impossible to pronounce and probably made in China.

Our team at Blue Echo Care has developed an all natural, vegan and gluten-free vitamin that has been proved to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies. The vitamin is ideal for opening up your airways, and allowing you to breathe again.

In addition, we have compiled simple but handy tips for people who suffer from allergies to help them cope and thrive in the midst of tree and grass pollen. These include:

  1. Check the pollen count where you live and keep your windows closed when the pollen count numbers are high-there are plenty of weather apps that can help with that.
  2. Wash your hair before retiring to bed to get the day’s dander out of your follicles.
  3. Toss your clothes into the laundry after a day’s adventure outdoors to make sure you are not tracking in more pollen.
  4. Watch when you exercise outdoors-pollen counts tend to be lowest towards the end of the day.
  5. Lastly, make sure you are taking The Blue Echo Care Cleanse Right Ear, Lung and Sinus Vitamin daily to relieve as many symptoms possible.  Purchased here

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