BeC Award-Winning Portable Nebulizer with 20 Filters, Adult and Child Mask, Solution Cup, Mouthpiece and Carrying Case! For Kids and Adults!

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Our team at Blue Echo Care wants the best for you and your family.  That’s why we developed the easiest to use, most versatile and travel compatible Device on the market!

Operated with a single button, The Blue Echo Care Device is built with a portable design meant for use at home, travel or school!

Filters should be changed every time before usage to ensure that bacteria doesn’t grow in the device. That’s why Blue Echo Care is the ONLY Cool Mist System to include 20 Filters!

How to USE:

1. Clean your hands and place device on a flat surface.

2. Open the filter cover next to the tube connector on the device and add a new filter.

3. Attach plastic tube to the connector on the front of the device and the base of the cup.

Ensure the ends are tightly connected to the cup and the device

4. Add your solution to the solution cup, gently twist the cap back on.

Make sure the cap is connected tightly so spillage doesn’t occur.

5. Attach mask or mouthpiece to the solution cup

6.  Put mask over head or mouthpiece between teeth and close lips around it.

7. Make sure the power switch is turned “off” then plug the power cord into an appropriate electrical outlet.

8. Press power switch to turn on.

To Clean, soak plastic tubing, mask or mouthpiece, and solution cup in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes. Remove and soak in warm water for another 15 minutes then let air dry.


Power Supply: AC 110V / 60Hz

Power Consumption: 160VA

Max Pressure: 35 psi to 50 psi

Liter Flow Range: 5~8 L/Min

Operating Temperature: 10°C to +40°C


Note: This is a class 1 FDA registered device, with registration number 3015418903 and is identified as an ear, nose, and throat drug administration device under Regulation Number 874.5220 intended specifically to administer medicinal substances to treat ear, nose, and throat disorders. These instruments include the powder blower, dropper, ear wick, manual nebulizer pump, and nasal inhaler.

66 reviews for BeC Award-Winning Portable Nebulizer with 20 Filters, Adult and Child Mask, Solution Cup, Mouthpiece and Carrying Case! For Kids and Adults!

  1. Rex

    Incredibly quiet for the amount of power this little device has. Very happy I purchased this for my son to be able to use. The long cord for the plug is a plus as well.

  2. bluee_chocare (store manager)

    So happy I purchased this product. FYI; getting to the Filter is a bit of a pain. There are 2 circles on the right side of the front of the nebulizer. the top circle is for connecting the tubing and the bottom has a little cap you need to pop off to get to the filter. I had to use a flat head screw driver to get to it. I hope that helps!

  3. John T

    So happy I bough this nebulizer! Really easy to carry and take with me on the road.

  4. sally

    Having the extra 20 Filters is a big plus as they are quite expensive to buy.

  5. Alex James

    My son uses albuterol and this device works really well.

  6. Jeremy

    life changing. I had been using a standard inhaler for my asthma and didn’t realize how out of breathe I was all the time. This little compact compressor is truly amazing.

  7. sandra

    motor is nice and quite. Runs really smoothly.

  8. daniel

    Really happy with my purchase!

  9. randall

    So happy I purchased this product. FYI; getting to the Filter is a bit of a pain. There are 2 circles on the right side of the front of the nebulizer. the top circle is for connecting the tubing and the bottom has a little cap you need to pop off to get to the filter. I had to use a flat head screw driver to get to it. I hope that helps!

  10. Will Daniel

    I found the best way to clean the tubing and the medicine cup is to use vinegar. It doesn’t state this in the instructions that come with the product. I think you can use alcohol based solutions but I haven’t tried them yet. When I used alcohol based solutions to clean my old nebulizer medicine cup, I could smell the alcohol when I was breathing in my albuterol. It wasn’t very pleasant.

  11. Millie

    Love the 20 Filters!!!

  12. marco

    the PSI and LPM for this nebulizer are quite good for something this small. I clocked the PSI in at 31.4 and the LPM at 9.2. The flow rate held for the duration of usage (about 20 minutes). Very happy with this purchase.

  13. sarah jane

    Definite Buy!

  14. aunt J

    Nebulizers are pretty hard to deal with when you have small kids but this one isn’t that noisy. I’m looking forward to getting an ultrasonic nebulizer on the next round of purchases.

  15. denny

    happy children, happy life. This nebulizer was so easy to use. only difficulty is with the filters. Getting the cap off to change the filter was too hard.

  16. margot t

    happy with my purchase

  17. silvia

    I really like the cartoon instructional video on this website. I was able to show it to my children and it really put them at ease when they were using the nebulizer.

  18. Mark

    such a great little device

  19. flameman

    Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I don’t know why I’ve spent all these years using a regular inhaler.

  20. Brandon

    Love the little cartoon that walks through the steps to put the whole thing together. Really made it easy to get started.

  21. cecilia T

    really great product and really easy to use

  22. Buying ear stuff


  23. Sam

    I looked around for quite a while for the right nebulizer. I know the ultrasonic ones are a bit cheaper but I was looking at the specifications around flow rate and PSI and they are about half as much as this atomizer (LPM 4 and PSI 15) This means that it will take about 30 minutes for each treatment. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t imagine getting a child to sit around that long to take their albuterol. Anyways, this nebulizer takes about 10 minutes to distribute 3ml with saline solution and is pretty quiet for a compressor nebulizer. Definite buy, really happy with the purchase.

  24. Raquel

    I’m a bit of a clean freak and go through a filter a week with my nebulizers. Really happy to find one that sells this many filters with the product (20 instead of the normal 5). Its a bit hard to get to the filter in this unit; you’ll either need to have strong fingernails or use a flat head screw driver to get the filter cap open (the filter cap is round and on the front of the nebulizer and sits right below where the tubing connector is).

  25. momoney

    Absolutely fantastic! Super quiet and easy to use. Very glad I purchased this nebulzier.

  26. Danica

    Great having all the extra filters. Definitely makes a huge difference as I hate the thought of bacteria coming into my lungs when I’m specifically using a nebulzier to make myself healthier.

  27. albert thompson

    Life is tough and exhausting. I just wish I had more time to sleep, be with my kids etc. I hate that I have to use a nebulizer and wish that I wouldn’t have smoked so much when I was younger. Maybe someday I’ll be done with all of this. Have a good day everyone.

  28. Z-bunny

    Fantastic product that really helped with albuterol distribution.

  29. Harry Sandleson

    could not imagine a better product

  30. Nadia

    i love the extra filters.

  31. Nadia

    Lots of filters makes a huge difference. I’ve looked all around and see that these filters cost $12-14. Definite savings over the other nebulizers out there

  32. Gordon

    The best nebulizer on the market. Really light and easy to bring anywhere with you. Great purchase

  33. Jacky Curtis


  34. Alonzo

    Gave this nebulizer to my cousin. So happy with how it works. Great buy.

  35. jenny

    I’m so impressed by this nebulizer. It’s really been a blessing for the family. Way better than the old one I had.

  36. Franklin T.

    Quiet and easy to take on the go!

  37. happy lady!

    Happy happy happy

  38. jack attack

    good buy but a bit noisier than expected

  39. kimberly

    Filters are amazing

  40. eleanor

    Really happy with this purchase. It takes a short time to get my albuterol administered. Very happy.

  41. Enrique J.

    I’ve been looking for a high quality, light nebulizer like this for quite some time. So happy to have found such a great device.

  42. William P

    A definite buy. I use this product for CBD for my back pain. Works exceptionally well

  43. Hal

    Really happy with this purchase and how fast the shipping is. Would definitely buy again in the future.

  44. JoJo

    The perfect system for my family and me! so happy with how quiet it is.

  45. Mika

    Absolutely thrilled with this purchase. So happy to have such a wonderful product.

  46. moholo paulo

    thanks for the neb!

  47. beebop

    I got one for my mom and I after seeing a clip on youtube that this was a necessary device for Covid preparedness. I havent used it and pray I wont have too.

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. Penny (verified owner)

    This works well and does the job. I would have given it 5 stars but for the noise level.

  51. Mary (verified owner)

    Quality product. Great service.

  52. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Works great. This is better than having to rent one through my insurance

  53. LaNita Wolfe (verified owner)

  54. Tim Jeanne

    Really great Nebulizer. So Happy I purchased this unit

  55. Don Lee


  56. Jane

    This was a purchased for Covid and I spoke with the owner and they were able to overnight the unit to me. Thank you so much!

  57. hank

    Thank you Ed and Dennis for your help on picking the right unit!

  58. Maggie Dakota

    How often should I change the filters?

  59. Daryl

    I’ve had this nebulizer for 2 years now and it still works just as well as the day I purchased it. So glad I purchased this

  60. William

    Great device

  61. Ingrid Johnson Dean

    Haven’t used it yet because I don’t have covid. Great purchase, its just like the one Dr. Mercola recommended.

  62. Ted R. (verified owner)

  63. Brian J. (verified owner)

  64. Natalie H. (verified owner)

  65. Edwin (verified owner)

  66. Kathy C. (verified owner)

    I purchased this item in January and just now received a request to rate it. Why so long?? Anyway, it got us through Covid, using it daily. A wonderful machine that I am so happy I purchased. Thank you.

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