Weezy Pig Children’s Nebulizer Compressor includes 5 Filters, Travel Case, 2 masks (1 adult and 1 child), additional mouthpiece, medicine cup and tubing

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Hi! I’m Weezy Pig! Want to Learn More About Your Nebulizer? Learn With Me By Clicking Below!



Hello!  My name is Louisa Resuello Pig.  That’s a long name!  So everyone just calls me Weezy.

I’m 6 years old and I love tacos, my little sister, and playing soccer!

One day, I was playing soccer and I started breathing very hard.  I was a little bit scared (just a little bit!).  

My mama took me to see Dr. Lobo.  She said, “Weezy, you are healthy and a very good little pig.  Sometimes breathing might just be a little bit harder for you.  But I can give you some medicine and you will feel all better!”  

I made a face – medicine can taste really yucky!  

Dr. Lobo laughed.  She said, “Don’t worry, you aren’t going to eat the medicine!  You get to breathe it instead!”  

Then Dr. Lobo gave me my very own little nebulizer – and it looked just like me, Weezy Pig!  

Now, whenever I start to have trouble breathing, my mama gets out my little pig and I put a mask on my face and that’s it!  All I have to do is breathe, and I feel better right away.  

My little sister has one too, and she doesn’t even have to take out her pacifier to use it.  

She’s not very good at soccer yet, but when she’s a big pig like me we can play as much as we want, without worrying about breathing.  

So here is a little Weezy Pig of your very own, to help you run and jump and kick lots of goals.  See you on the soccer field!

How to USE:

1. Clean your hands and place compressor on a flat surface.

2. Open the filter cover next to the tube connector on the compressor and add a new filter.

3. Attach plastic tube to the connector on the front of the compressor and the base of the cup.

Ensure the ends are tightly connected to the cup and the compressor

4. Add your solution to the solution cup, gently twist the cap back on.

Make sure the cap is connected tightly so spillage doesn’t occur.

5. Attach mask or mouthpiece to the solution cup

6.  Put mask over head or mouthpiece between teeth and close lips around it.

7. Make sure the power switch is turned “off” then plug the power cord into an appropriate electrical outlet.

8. Press power switch to turn on.

9. Take normal breathes until the solution is gone.

To Clean, soak plastic tubing, mask or mouthpiece, and solution cup in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes. Remove and soak in warm water for another 15 minutes then let air dry.


Power Supply: AC 110V / 60Hz

Power Consumption: 160VA

Max Pressure: 35 psi to 50 psi

Liter Flow Range: 5~8 L/Min

MMAD: 3.0~6.0 μm

Max. Nebulizer Cup Capacity: 6ml

Operating Temperature: 10°C to +40°C



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