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2nd Press Release Approved. There is a stark difference bewteen Advertorial and Press Release

Alright, huge difference between what a good press release (cited sources and full of facts without opinion) and a bad press release looks like (totally subjective, opinion-based with no facts).

The bottom is a discussion specifically about ear wax removal, the current market trends, growth forecast and the evolution of ear irrigation tools for at-home use.  Compared to what I previously write, well, you can tell for yourself.  Night and day.

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The Ear Wax Removal Market is Expected to Grow to 3.7 Billion by 2030



The global pandemic has caused financial distress on the majority of households and the market for safe, at-home earwax removal devices has grown in response


I love talking to customers. Knowing we are really helping people is the whole reason I started this journey.”

— Ed Wagner, CEO/Founder, Cleanse Right


 — According to a new report from Grand View Research Inc, the Ear Wax Removal Market is Expected to Grow to 3.7 Billion by 2030

The global pandemic has caused financial stress on the majority of households and the market for safe, at-home earwax removal devices has grown in response

The financial strains caused by the pandemic have resulted in several industries growing unexpectedly since 2020. The following will focus on the at-home Ear Wax Removal Market, and its expected growth in the future, including a deep dive analysis into the current market leader in at-home Ear Wax Removal, Cleanse Right, and how they forecast future growth over the next decade.

12 million Americans go to the Doctor’s office every year to have ear wax blockages removed. According to a report by WHO in 2021, the prevalence of ear wax impactions ranges between 7% and 35%. With a consensus taken in 2022 of 329 million people living in America, it’s estimated between 23 and 115 million Americans are suffering from or have dealt with an ear wax impaction over the course of 2021.

This general prevalence combined with the growing number of “geriatric” consumers (age 65 and above) as well as the global pandemic and social distancing has resulted in a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.2%. Additionally, the popularity of video-based social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok have also aided in the general public’s awareness of products available for at-home ear wax removal. By showcasing videos of doctors removing ear wax, hundreds of millions of viewers are being educated on at-home ear wax removal. NOTE: as of this writing, June 2022, there are 8 billion views for the #earwax and 4 billion views for the #earwaxremoval on Tiktok.

Product Realization for the Ear Wax Removal Market:

There are several different products being utilized in several different ways to remove ear wax, though current devices utilized by Audiologists are different than the devices utilized at home. This incongruency of devices has occurred for several reason but most importantly because of safety. Professionals like ENT Doctors and Audiologist have access to much more expensive tools with better safety measures built-in. Conversely, because Ear Wax Removal is an unregulated market and products do not need to be approved by the FDA, several unsafe products have come to market for at-home use.
Surprisingly, cotton swabs, which hold the majority of marketshare for at-home ear wax removal devices, and are commonly found in retail stores (particularly pharmacies), pose a significant threat to ear health, even including warnings on the packaging that they should not be used in the inner ear.

At-home Ear Wax Removal Products:

Several “innovations” have come to market in the last few years, including metal curettes (small, metal, pick-like devices used to scrape ear wax out), endoscopes with small removable spoon-like devices at the end for scraping-out ear wax, and ear wax irrigation devices that spray a jet of water into the ear. All are marketed as safe, at-home products for ear wax removal. Though there is a consensus between audiologist, ENT Doctors and ER Doctors that ear wax blockages and impactions should only be removed by professionals, there is also agreement that the best at-home ear wax removal remedy are ear drops made from carbamide peroxide 6.5%.

At-Home Irrigation:

Many of the most popular at-home irrigation brands sold on eCommerce sites include cheaply made tips that break easily and can be lodged into the ear, resulting in further trips to the doctor’s, negating the value of an at-home ear wax removal devices state goal of reducing trips to the doctor.
The Cleanse Right brand of Ear Wax Removal products, who promote their products as the “safest at-home ear wax removal devices” on the market, has seen growth of 320% on both Amazon and their website for their ear wax irrigation products since the pandemic started in 2020. Their Founder/Owner, Ed Wagner, attributes this growth to the safety of their devices and that they are Made in the USA.

“It’s so easy to get scammed when buying on the internet.” Ed says, “there are all these fake companies out there who put up a website in 5 minutes and are selling something dangerous because they can get it for cheap and easy from China. Our team took the time to develop a safe product in the USA and we take the time to talk with our customers and make sure our products help clear out their ear wax blockages.”

The Future Growth of the Ear Wax Removal Market appears poised to continue as inflation and insurance premiums rise for the foreseeable future and more and more people search for a cheaper alternative for healthcare at home.

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