Best Ear Wax Removal Tool on the Market?

Skinned knees and Goofy Smiles, my little niece Lily was so funny yesterday when I asked her to take some pics with our Cleanse Right Ear Wax Remover

Alright, the title of this article is a bit clickbaity.  As a manufacturer of an ear wax removal device, I’m definitely biased towards our product.  I am realistic about what value our product has in comparison to other ear wax removal kits out there.  When I think about the people who need these products (they tend to be children under the age of 12 and the elderly over 65) it’s so important to focus on safe, reliable products for ear irrigation.  

I get pretty frustrated when I go on Amazon and see the same irrigation kit coming from the same manufacturer in China popping up all over the place, being sold as a “safe” solution for at-home ear wax removal.  Anybody can sell a product that shoots a jet of water to irrigate an ear but its so, so important that the tip connecting to the irrigation device is built specifically to protect people’s ears from over-insertion.  These other kits come with sharp, cheaply made tips that easily come apart and can damage the sensitive membranes of the inner ear.

I’ve personally read through dozens of 1-star reviews of these so-called “irrigation” kits and it horrifies me how many talk about emergency room visits, painful extractions of broken tips, talking about litigation!

It’s really heartbreaking and when I’m done, I’m emotionally exhausted.

This is a slide from a presentation I did for Walmart the other day, highlighting the dangers of the current tip designs

And the only reason to sell these products with these dangerous tips is to save money on the cost of tips!  It’s beyond infuriating.

It’s reviews like these and the feedback we get from our customers that drive our team and our products.  We pride ourselves on the safety of our products and the value they offer to our customers when it comes to ear wax removal and ear cleaning.

If you’ve purchased any of these unsafe brands and want a free replacement for your tips, our team will absolutely send you, completely free, replacement tips.  Our tips use the same lure locks as the majority of name-brand ear wax removers out there so they should be compatible.  Additionally, we are the only reusable tips available for ear wax removal devices so when the dangerous disposable tips run out, we are here for you to help you have a permanent solution to ensure safe ear irrigation.

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