New Model! Ear Wax Removal Kit with USA MADE, Reusable, Dishwasher Friendly TIPS! Ear Spiral, Basin and Rubber Bulb Syringe

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Earwax occurs naturally as a deterrent from bacteria, foreign detritus and dust but some people produce too much of it and are affected by uncomfortable and sometimes painful blockages.  These impactions are the leading cause of dizziness, loss of hearing and earaches.  Most home remedies like cotton swabs and ear candling can actually worsen impaction and can cause long term damage of the ear. With the Cleanse Right Ear Wax Removal Kit, you can safely remove blockages without having to use ear drops or seeing a doctor.

Sourced and manufactured with the same rigorous testing practices as the leading medical facilities, the Cleanse Right Ear Wax Removal Kit is built with durability in mind while being safe enough for children to use.

Included with the Kit:

-Spray Bottle and connector Tubes

-Protective Splash Disk

-USA MADE, Reusable, Dishwasher Friendly TIPS for a cost savings of $12.99

-Catch Basin for under the ear to catch any liquid run off

-Rubber Bulb Syringe to remove any additional liquid from around the ear

-USA MADE Ear Spiral with 20 Soft Silicone Tips


Directions for Usage:

It takes 6-8, slow pumps repeated approximately 8 times to see the best results.

Make sure to use the basin that comes as part of this kit as some splash back may occur.

Adding 1 part hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to 4 parts water (approximately 4-6 table spoons) can enhance results

PLEASE test kit in a sink first to make sure the tips and connector are properly installed!


15 reviews for New Model! Ear Wax Removal Kit with USA MADE, Reusable, Dishwasher Friendly TIPS! Ear Spiral, Basin and Rubber Bulb Syringe

  1. David G.

    I love the metal curretes that come with this device. Super satisfying to get the ear wax out.

  2. ally

    The Picks are awesome!

  3. Davis

    A bit hard to use when you’re by yourself, I recommend having a buddy help. Was great to get my ear totally washed out.

  4. Dana

    the perfect kit. So happy I purchased one of these.

  5. Amazing!

    Really helped clean out my sons ears

  6. Al Coholic

    Keeping your ears clean is super easy with this bad boy.

  7. donny don

    I’ve had terrible problems with ear wax for as long as I can remember. It’s great to find a product that can actually help me keep my ears clean.

  8. Life is Good

    A miracle!

  9. Cal Johnson

    The absolute best ear wax cleaner. I’m so happy I bought this. It really made a difference.

  10. MARCO

    Ear wax can go screw its self!

  11. xavier newbottom

    Doesn’t get better than this one. SO happy to be able to keep my families ears nice and clean!!

  12. fishman


  13. Spicy meatball

    absolutely life changing! I wish there was an electronic version of this product as well.

  14. Billly

    I’m amazed at how well this actually worked. So happy I purchased one.

  15. Miranda

    Thanks to this little guy i was able to stop going to the doctors office. Really helpful stuff!

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