20 pack of Ear Wax Removal Kit Replacement Tips!

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$16.99 $12.99

Run out of tips for your ear wax removal kits?  20 additional tips for your Cleanse Right Ear Wax Removal Kit!  These flexible, high quality tips can easily be cut to adjust to your specific ear size.



NOTE: This product is only the 20 tips and does NOT include the spray system, bottle, tubing, basin or syringe.





6 reviews for 20 pack of Ear Wax Removal Kit Replacement Tips!

  1. Sandra Chung

    these replacement filters have worked great and are much more affordable than buying on Amazon.

  2. Teresa R.

    I reached out to the support email on the website about the cost of these tips being too high and they immediately sent me a discount code for 20% off. I highly recommend doing this, Kitty was really nice and helpful.

  3. Mark D.

    Arrived super quickly. Glad their were replacement tips for the ear wax remover.

  4. Sarah


  5. Kal Green

    I do a cleansing about once every 2 weeks so I needed a new pack after about 6 months. This is really helpful.

  6. Danny

    Glad to find these extra tips for cheaper than I’m seeing on amazon.

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