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Happy Saturday! Like always, we are here to chat earwax and in particular, ear wax removal kits! Lets jump into this baby!

With an estimated 35 – 115 million people suffering from ear wax blockages annually in the US alone, there is a massive amount of ear wax needing to be removed.  But with only 12 million Americans going to the hospital to have these blockages removed, what are the other 10s of millions of Americans doing?

Hopefully not using cotton swabs or ear candles or sharp pokey ear curettes or any other dangerous alternative that seem to pop up every once in a while when a company with marketing dollars to burn wants to make some money.

At Cleanse Right, it’s become our mission to not only provide the safest products on the market for ear wax removal, but to also provide as much information as possible to our readers about how ears work, what they are and what ear wax is all about.

In today’s blog, we are talking ear wax removal kits;  what are they, what do they provide and how do they help with ear wax removal?

Danger, Cotton swabs should not be used for ear wax removal!

Most importantly, cotton swabs do not go into your ear and should never be used to remove ear wax!  These little guys even have a warning right on the label, “not to be inserted into the ear canal!

But what kind of ear wax removal kit should go into your ear?  Well, that’s easy!  ear wax irrigation devices, like what we sell at Cleanse Right, are used by doctors’ offices and audiologists across the world to remove ear wax.  The process is simple for one of these kits; a jet of water is sprayed into the ear and forces blockages to come unlodged.  This combination with ear drops made from carbamide peroxide will slowly drip out of the ear and boom!  Your blockage is removed.  A bit messy but does the trick every time.

Cleanse Right offers the Safest and Best Ear Wax Removal Products
the safest and best ear wax removal kit available on the market

Most importantly for an ear wax removal kit is the type of tip connected to the device.  I mean, any spray bottle can shoot a jet of water from it (you could use a super soaker if you wanted though the pressure would be way, way too much and I definitely don’t recommend it).  It’s the tip and a specially designed, soft synthetic rubber, that protects the delicate inner ear and ear drum from over insertion and worse, a tip that gets stuck in the ear.

A lot of ear wax removal kits also offer metal curettes for use but again, these are specialized tools meant for a doctor to use.  The number of cases in the emergency room of people damaging their eardrums using improper tools like a curette keeps rising and can you really take a risk with your child’s ears or an elderly parent?  

Focusing on safety is absolutely paramount when keeping your ears clean.

Drops in your Ear Wax Removal Kit

Another important part to a good ear wax removal kit is the drops.  There are so many different types of drops out there with a variety of formulas; all-natural drops including olive oil or peanut oil or a variety of other things, saline solutions, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, but the best ear drops according to doctors are ones with carbamide peroxide 6.5%. 

These types of drops are a derivative of hydrogen peroxide and are slow acting; allowing the solution to melt the wax down into something that can break apart and easily come out of the ear.

Carbamide Peroxide is the best ear drop solution
Carbamide Peroxide Ear Drops are the Doctor's Choice

But not all ear wax removal kits include these drops.  Most of the products now being sold on Amazon are cheaply made from China and don’t include FDA-approved ear drops for the simple fact that it takes time and effort to have these drops made.

And don’t even get me started on how dangerous the tips are on these products.  I don’t want to name any specific brands (thats not the kind of company we are; we focus on how much better our products are, not on bringing down our competition) but just search Amazon right now, and you will see a host of ear wax removal kits with the below kind of dangerous tips.

stay away from dangerous ear irrigation tips

These types of tips have sent plenty of people to the hospital to have them removed as they break apart super easily into the user’s ear.  Now you’ve paid $30 for the ear wax removal kit as well as the $500 trip to have these tips surgically removed.  Just horrible.

I know, I’m biased.  I think our product is the best ear wax removal kit out there.  But the reality is that we worked with audiologists to develop our tips for at-home use, spending thousands of dollars on molds to make sure we offer a safe solution.  I’m so confident in our product, that I’ll give you free tips to replace the current ones you’re using to ensure your family is kept safe (we use the same lure-lock as the majority of ear wax removal devices out there).

In the end, our team at Cleanse Right cares less about making money and more about your safety.

So when you’re purchasing an ear wax removal kit, go with the best, doctor-approved, audiologist-developed ear wax remover.

Our kits are available on our website or on Amazon

Have a great weekend and much love to your ears!

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