Cleanse Right offers the Safest and Best Ear Wax Removal Products

All the Different ways to Remove Earwax (Safe, Dangerous, and less Safe)

Cleanse Right offers the Safest and Best Ear Wax Removal Products

There are a ton of ways to get those ear wax blockages out of your ears but unfortunately, the most popular ones are all potentially dangerous!

Ear candles, cotton swabs and irrigation kits with dangerous tips.  These have become the go-to at-home ear wax removal processes used over the last century.  The truth is, ear wax removal can leave your ears with impacted cerumen (earwax) or water logged when not done correctly by an audiologist.  Our team spent years developing the tips we use today on our ear irrigation kits and have worked directly with a team of audiologists to do so! 

Ear Wax Irrigation tips are so important for ear health. Cleanse Right created patent-pending ear wax removal tips with a team of audiologists
Our patent-pending, revolutionary tips make all the difference in the world for your ear safety.

Even brand-name competitors of ours that are selling in big stores like Walgreens are still using dangerous tips that can get lodged in the ear and have to be removed at the ER.  These tips (seen in the below picture) can cause way more damage than help.  The problem is, the majority of people just don’t know how important tips are when it comes to ear wax removal safety.  Even more frustrating, these dangerous tips are disposable meaning you have to buy them over and over again, even with the potential of danger involved with using them!

Danber! These irrigation tips are dangerous and are sold all over amazon. Do not use!

Blue Echo Care is an American company providing customer service for all our products and our marque ear wax removal product line, Cleanse Right, was created very specifically to combat the very real danger that comes with buying the wrong irrigation product with the wrong tips.  Just give us a call and talk to us and we can help you in any way you need to make sure you get those blockages removed, at-home, saving hundreds of dollars on doctor’s visits.

If you ever need anything, our number is (855) 860 3404.  We are here to help!



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