Living in an Ear Wax World

Living in an Ear Wax World

12 October 2019

Everyone at some point has dealt with ear wax, that gross yellowish waxy substance that comes out of your ears. Produced in the sebaceous gland in your ear canal, it’s basically made up of shed layers of skin. Ear wax, which is also known as cerumen, is released in the ear to lubricate, clean and protect the ear canal by stopping water, dirt, insects, bacteria, fungus, and other substances from getting past the ear canal. It’s a sort of bio-defense mechanism to keep your ears safe from external harm.  Without it, the inner ear would become dry and susceptible to infections.  Congratulations, you’ve got your own ear armed forces :P.

But as useful as ear wax is to your ear and the body at large, it can also be harmful when too much of it develops. Just think about it, your ear military becoming so powerful that it could attempt a coup d’état.

If left to accumulate or harden, the ear wax can become a danger to the ear, as it has the potential to cause serious damage including hearing loss.  It’s like having a permanent ear plug in your ear, dulling your hearing.

If you are having ear wax related issues, there are a few symptoms you might be exhibiting. Below are a few of the more common ones caused by excessive ear wax:

  1. Ear Ache: As mentioned earlier, the forming of ear wax can have the same effect as the use of ear plugs. This lack of oxygenation from blockages can have a dramatic effect on the inner ear, ear drum and even the malleus, the small bone in the middle ear that transmits vibrations for hearing. This causes a similar effect as when ear plugs are worn too long, and your ears begin to ache.
  2. Ear infection: Another symptom caused by ear wax blockages are ear infections. When too much wax hardens in the ear, this creates a thriving ground for opportunistic ear infections. It’s ironic that the very substance produced by our body to protect our ears can sometimes have the reverse effect.
  3. Tinnitus: Have you ever felt like something was ringing or beeping consistently in your ears for a period of time? This can be caused by ear wax. If it becomes continuous and repetitive, then you may be dealing with a case of ear blockage.
  4. Itchiness: When you begin to consistently feel the urge to touch your ears or reach for cotton swabs, itchiness is usually an early warning sign of ear wax overproduction.
  5. Vertigo: One of the more serious symptoms and often overlooked as being caused by ear wax, the dizziness and nausea associated with ear wax blockages can cause a heavy toll on health and well-being.
  6. Cough: As funny and unlikely as it sounds, this is also a symptom of earwax blockages. The pressure from the blockage can stimulate a nerve in the ear thereby triggering a cough.

Unfortunately for some people, their ears naturally release an excess of ear wax.  But overproduction of ear wax can also occur due to devices or other things. Ear wax may accumulate as a result of the following factors:

  1. Hearing aids and ear plugs: A great number of people develop ear wax challenges due to use of hearing aids and ear plugs. These devices block the wax from coming out of the ear and can initiate a buildup.  In fact, due to the rising use of in-ear earbuds, more people are reporting increased ear wax buildup!
  2. Use of wrong items on the ear: Apart from the fact that this practice could badly damage your ear, both cotton swabs and ear candling push the wax deeper into the ear, thus aiding its accumulation.

Just How Rampant Are Ear Wax Issues?

In the US alone, 12 million people seek medical attention concerning ear wax build up yearly. This is a large number of people, thus the need to focus our attention on this menace. One of the ways to get rid of ear wax is with FDA approved ear drops to remove ear wax.

Not just any ear drops but FDA approved, Made in the USA ear drops. This distinction is important for two main reasons:

  1. You can be sure that the product on the label is what you get will be getting in your ear drops.
  2. You can be sure what you’re getting is not substandard or expired.

Advantages of Using Cleanse Right Ear Drops

There are quite a number of over-the-counter FDA approved ear drops that you can use. However, one of the more effective ones are the Cleanse Right Ear Drops. With Cleanse Right, you can:

  1. Safely remove ear wax in the comfort of your home
  2. Eliminate hardened ear wax
  3. Have a brand that you trust for Ear Wax Removal
  4. It is suitable for both adults and children
  5. Has a dropper that is easier to use
  6. Plus, you can tell its effectiveness through the micro foam action.

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