Premium Wellness Kit – Includes 2 KN95 Masks for FREE, 20 Face Masks, 4 bottles of 1oz Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer, 10 Antibacterial Wipes, 10 Nitrile Gloves

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Personal protective products are hard to find these days, which is why Blue Echo Care has created our all-in-one Premium Wellness Kit. This kit has all the hand sanitizer, gloves, disposable wipes and face masks you need. Plus, we are offering two FREE KN95 masks with this kit. We ask that you consider whether you may face a true emergency that necessitates use of an KN95 mask and recognize that the vast majority of these masks should go to healthcare workers and other frontline responders (and we are, in fact, donating thousands of them to those who are fighting to protect us all). That said, if you are caring for a sick person or are likely to need to go to the hospital, you may want to have KN95s in your personal prevention kit.

The Premium Wellness Kit includes:
2 FREE KN95 masks, which block 95% of particles and aerosols from contact with the wearer. These are for serious emergencies when you can’t avoid contact with infected persons, such as going to the hospital for a non-COVID reason, or taking care of a sick loved one at home so that the caretaker is not infected.
20 disposable face masks for your (infrequent!) trips into public. These prevent large droplets from coughs and sneezes from circulating in the air. They protect the people around the wearer. The more people wear them, the safer we all will be!
4, 2oz bottle of 62.5% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer that’s the perfect size to tuck in your pocket or purse for trips to the grocery store or pharmacy. Use it before you go in and again when you come out!
a travel pack of 10 antibacterial wipes, formulated with 75% alcohol and 0.3% benzethonium chloride, for a knock-out punch that kills 99.99% of germs on surfaces you can’t avoid touching (grocery cart handles!). Plus, they’re formulated with aloe and lanolin to make them gentle enough to use on your hands and face.
10 disposable nitrile gloves, for times when you just can’t avoid touching things in public. Use with hand sanitizer for best results.

Get your kit now to secure your peace of mind and make your trips into public as sanitary as possible. Plus, when you purchase the Premium Wellness kit, we at Blue Echo Care will donate a KN95 mask to a local hospital, doctor’s office, or fire station to help protect the frontline responders who protect all of us. Check out our donation page to find out more!

97 reviews for Premium Wellness Kit – Includes 2 KN95 Masks for FREE, 20 Face Masks, 4 bottles of 1oz Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer, 10 Antibacterial Wipes, 10 Nitrile Gloves

  1. morgan m

    so happy to get some n95 masks. I couldn’t find these anywhere

  2. happy helper


  3. Thank you

    Great work for making this. You’re really helping people.

  4. Antionette

    Happy hands, happy heart!

  5. Ken

    Thank goodness there is a great kit with everything all in ONE!

  6. Susan

    This is like winning the lottery of Wellness! Awesome kit!

  7. Jeffery

    Handy kit.

  8. Kelly

    The hand sanitizer is amazing and this kit has everything we need.

  9. Jamie

    Gloves are great they fit my hands perfectly.

  10. Ziggy

    Glad to get the masks, everything else is a bonus!

  11. Finley

    Super happy to have all of this come from one source.

  12. Francis

    This is a super deal!! I can not believe I found it! I am going to let my friends and family know that you have such a great product available.

  13. Doug

    This kit goes in my car, I am going to order another one for the boat.

  14. Millie

    Super star of kits!

  15. Ginny

    Many many thank yous…

  16. Vanessa

    I love this hand sanitizer and the wipes!

  17. Nadine

    Great products, very helpful customer service.

  18. Geraldine

    Very happy with this.

  19. Claire


  20. Leary

    What a great find. Thank you for the all in one place to shop!

  21. Marna

    Thank you for the push in staying well.

  22. Oscar

    Great surprise to have the masks thrown in for free.

  23. Edith

    I love the smell of the wipes!! all of the products in this kit exceeded my expectations.

  24. Ingrid

    We are thrilled to have these masks!

  25. Barthalome

    To all the hand sanitizers I have loved before.. This is my new love to come through the door!

  26. Nancy

    I wear the gloves everywhere I go and have felt my anxiety about being out in public for necessary trips, relieved.

  27. Mariana

    Wipes are handy, this kit is perfect.

  28. Scott

    Each product itself is great!

  29. Brooke

    Thank you!!

  30. Meredith

    Wonderful Wipes

  31. Julie

    Four bottles of goodness and all the rest is a bonus!

  32. Keolani

    It is reassuring to know that I have a back up mask and gloves

  33. Finlay

    Everything in one place.

  34. Justin

    Well done!

  35. Livi

    Great for protecting my family

  36. Deborah

    Glad to receive these masks PLUS the 2 free!

  37. Resta

    Sanitizing wipes are great quality and have a pleasant scent.

  38. hillary

    What a wonderful kit.

  39. Jojo

    I am confident when I go out in public that I am safe and protecting myself and others

  40. Zahara

    Superb collection of wellness.

  41. Nelly

    Happy shopper

  42. Brenda

    Great gloves! They fit perfect.

  43. Carol

    So amazing!

  44. Sarah

    Great to have both sizes of gloves.

  45. Todd

    What a Kit! This is my GO TO of wellness all in one.

  46. Andy

    I am very impressed with all of these essential items in one spot.

  47. Qutarest

    Thank you

  48. Mikhail

    Sanitizers are the perfect size

  49. Wesley

    The gloves and masks were a much needed item on our list. Thank you for providing them as well as the other items in the kit.

  50. Robert


  51. Lewis

    All in one, this is a MUST HAVE!

  52. Edison

    Great video instruction. No more foggy glasses here!

  53. Ivory

    Love,love,love this!

  54. Haylee

    Thank you

  55. Addilynn

    Maybe there is a way to get a regular shipment of these? Because this kit has everything we need on a regular basis.

  56. Jillian

    I think that the masks and sanitizer are my favorite part of this kit.

  57. Kaylee

    Great investment and totally worth your money!

  58. Grace


  59. Hugh

    Great instructional video! Great wellness kit!

  60. laurna

    I found the wipes to be most effective. Thank you.

  61. Lucas

    This kit really rocks!

  62. Lincoln

    Wonderful collection of fine products.

  63. Thomas

    Great products! Well done.

  64. Eli

    Super price for these gems!

  65. Olive

    Thank you

  66. Blake

    Can be used just about anywhere.

  67. Dominick

    So we are all very thankful for the help of these fine kits to arrive today.

  68. Allen

    Love the hand sanitizer! Its ALL good though!

  69. Frank

    This is a great package. Fills all our needs

  70. Seth

    This is AWESOME!!

  71. Crosby

    Hot diggity!!

  72. Jody

    Great masks and love the hand sanitizer

  73. Howard

    The “IT” kit!!!

  74. Nick

    Thank you,wellness!!

  75. Hannah

    Well presented and a shocking amount of goodness!

  76. Wendy

    We received this today and could not be happier with the items.

  77. Adam

    Nice price for all the goods

  78. Jeff


  79. Walter

    It has been a struggle getting these items and here they are all in one place.

  80. Jewels

    Best kit EVER!!

  81. Harriet


  82. Tamera

    Thank you for supporting the wellness and protection we all need.

  83. Sandy

    Friends for ever with this kit.

  84. Michael

    Sharing some of these great products with friends.

  85. Jean

    These really helped me to be in a better place with less anxiety to move through my daily routines.

  86. Anne

    Well put together. Having all of our needs in one place to limit our time spent out at several places to have all of these items in one kit.

  87. Marc

    Great deal!

  88. Mc Kenna

    Words cannot thank you enough.

  89. Livia

    Simply the best!

  90. Jeff

    All of the products arrived as described.

  91. Juliett

    Very impressed!

  92. Nadine

    Lovin’ it!!

  93. Judith

    This kit is absolutely amazing!

  94. Doug

    Great stuff!

  95. Anthony

    Taking this everywhere!

  96. Seth

    All the cool kids have one!

  97. storno brzinol

    I have not checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I?¦ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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