Live, Love, Breathe – Lung Exerciser and Trainer, USA MADE Inspiratory/Expiratory Intercostal and Diaphragm Muscle Trainer, Strengthen your Lungs, for Children and Adults

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Blue Echo Care is an American company that cares about the health of American citizens, American jobs and American’s being able to provide for their families.  That’s why our Live, Love, Breathe Lung Strengthener and Exerciser was designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the United States.  This single product provides 3 different companies jobs for 22 total employees.

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Ed Wagner


Blue Echo Care


  • THE ONLY MADE IN THE USA RESPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINING DEVICE PURPOSEFULLY BUILT TO STRENGTHEN INTERCOSTAL AND DIAPHRAGM MUSCLES | Live, Love, Breathe again Inhalation and Exhalation Lung Trainer uniquely offers two functions: resistance training on inhale and resistance training on exhale.  As both an inspiratory and expiratory muscle trainer; you can set either the Inhale or Exhale knobs to 5 different levels of resistance, offering exceptional and unmatched strength and conditioning that can be adjusted and increased over time.  In addition, the Live, Love, Breathe Lung Trainer includes 3 separate mouth pieces of vary size and dimensions, giving the user the option to choose which fits them best.
  • MASTER THE FLOW OF OXYGEN AND CARBON DIOXIDE | Your Diaphragm and intercostal muscles are essential for breathing but their health and conditioning is so often overlooked in preventative healthcare. The Live, Love, Breathe Intercostal and Diaphragm Trainer/Exerciser helps you focus on building strength in these two critical muscle groups, allowing easier breathing and oxygenation.
  • UPDATED DESIGN WITH EASY TO TURN KNOBS | I asked my 92-year-old grandmother Laura Jeanne what she didn’t like about other RMT devices on the market and she told me plain and simple: the knobs are too hard to turn. This little statement got the ball rolling and our team started redesigning a legacy model that’s been around for 25 years in desperate need on an update.  What we ended up with is a design with extended knobs with groves built in them, meant to be turned with your interdigit folds (the space between your fingers) and not the tips.  You don’t have to be a body builder to turn these knobs; just ask my 92-year-old grandma Laura Jeanne.
  • 24/7 USA CUSTOMER SUPPORT | Blue Echo Care is an American Company located outside of Portland, Oregon. We design, build and manufacturer our products in our facilities in the USA and are proud to partner with American companies and support hundreds of American workers with jobs.  We care deeply about hardworking Americans and don’t want jobs going overseas.  Because of that, we only employ American customer service representatives.  When you contact Blue Echo Care for help, replacement parts or need a new unit, you know that everything is built and ships from the United States.  When you buy from Blue Echo Care, you buy American.


809 reviews for Live, Love, Breathe – Lung Exerciser and Trainer, USA MADE Inspiratory/Expiratory Intercostal and Diaphragm Muscle Trainer, Strengthen your Lungs, for Children and Adults

  1. Mario

    Life changing. I’ve been suffering from COPD my entire life and this device has really helped me get the mucus out of my lungs and strengthen my breathing. I was really skeptical at first and it was hard, I could barely do the 1 setting, but i stuck to it and I’ve seen a remarkable change.

  2. donna

    really works! my chest feels more open after using.

  3. Rick Davis

    bought 2, one for myself and my brother.

  4. Ebbie Jane

    it took a little while to notice any difference but keep at it! When I started, I only was doing 5 minutes at a time on the 1 setting. but now i can do a full 10 minutes on the 3 setting!

  5. Tonya T

    Highly Reccomend

  6. ally

    I had covid almost 6 months ago and my lungs haven’t felt normal since. My doctor told me about these lung exercisers and I bought one. He said it would help with stretching out the scaring in my lungs. I am feeling better; longer breathes, easier to get air. I’m hoping this will make a big difference as time goes on.

  7. Thomas Albert Davidson

    I’ve had this device for 6 weeks now and I’ve noticed a few things; the flow of mucus in my lungs has dramatically reduced and I have an easy time expelling mucus when I need too. I can, for the first time in memory, breath fully and deeply, though it is difficult still and causes pain. I am less winded when walking up and down stairs. I am happy with this device even if I’m unhappy with my health and the fact that I have to use a device like this.

  8. Big Minnie


  9. robot bill

    Masterful little product. a Must have!

  10. Camilla Davis

    I had covid in May of last year and my lungs have been feeling awful since then. I just can’t seem to get my breathe back. I bought this thing after seeing it on a facebook ad as a last ditch effort. I’ve really been able to increase my strength in my lungs. It’s been about 3 months and I’m feeling so much better now. so glad I bought this lung thingy.

  11. booboo


  12. Mathew M

    Lung Exercisers are so cool. Very happy with this

  13. sandra beal

    Really a great product; so happy to have something like this. I was with my doctor and we were doing a Percieved Dyspnea test; it was really amazing to see my resting score go from about a 2.5 down to a 1. It is a bit difficult when using; my lungs are tired easily and I could only use the first setting but it really helped.

  14. Lisl

    amazing little device. SO happy i purchased it

  15. Omar Omar

    my lungs feel great

  16. Dan Trout

    enjoy your youth when you have it. I remember when i was young and could run all over the place without a care in the world, never worrying about my lungs or chest or how I felt. Now I cant even walk up stairs. I hope this never happens to you and that you never have to have to use a device like this.

  17. sarah

    outstanding, I had no idea something like this existed then my daughter bought it for you

  18. manuel jimenez

    its ok

  19. Sing Stze

    I like it very much

  20. Hazel

    I really like that this is an american company. It’s been really important to me to start buying products made in the US. It’s great to see a company that supports American jobs.

  21. Sal V


  22. JaMichael

    Outstandiing product

  23. sarah

    really helped me clear the mucus out of my lungs after years of issues breathing.

  24. daria D

    it’s weird that such a little device could be so helpful. I mean, its so small and so simple. Regardless, it really helped my mother breathe better and that means the world to me.

  25. ralph

    absolutely incredible!

  26. Dorian

    I’m surprised this company doesn’t market this device for covid relief. I’m really amazed at what this was able to do for me post covid. I’m finally, FINALLY, after 6 months starting to feel back to normal.

  27. willy mcwilly

    I like breathing!!!

  28. Lung Guy

    Good for lungs!

  29. hayley T

    so happy about this product. It definitely made a huge difference for me.

  30. Mackenzie

    strong lungs, happy lungs

  31. banter man

    absolutely fabulous

  32. maria maria

    This product is the future. it has done so much for my children and my family. I’m just amazed at how simple of a device could be so revolutionary.

  33. Halbert Jones

    love our lungs and buy one

  34. Tig T

    Really nice

  35. mcbeale mcbeal

    I hope a lot of people find this product. I’m just amazed by the ease of use of this unit and how much it was able to help me and my family

  36. Carl

    when your lungs dont work right, it’s hard to do anything. I found that 20 minutes a day on the number 4 setting is what works best for me. I wish I didn’t have to spend all this time using this device but it’s better than dying.

  37. ching mi tse

    amazingly valuable tool

  38. johnathan S

    i love the knobs; I had a similar product to this in the past and it was dreadfully hard to turn their knobs so I never changed the resistance. I’m so happy to have this!

  39. dahila

    really great tool and easy to use. My lungs are feeling great!

  40. margot

    really helped me clear mucus!

  41. pasta lover

    so happy to get a product like this. Make sure you start out slow, you will be coughing a bit if you have the experience I have. It takes some time to really get going with this lung exerciser but it made all the difference in the world for me.

  42. Rachael

    buy this lung exerciser

  43. gretchen gertrude

    i’m glad my son got me this for my birthday

  44. Don H.

    such a cool device. really helps with breathing if you use it consistently!! I love that its made in the USA too.

  45. stephanie

    happy buyer

  46. Mamma P

    this is such a inexpensive way to bring so much health into ones life. Really magical respiratory strengthener

  47. Dennis Grable

    Calling this tool revolutionary is an understatement. This lung exerciser is beyond amazing.

  48. walter D

    I bought two of these; one for myself and one for my brother. We are happy so far

  49. happy


  50. Desiree Jordan

    Life changing. I’ve been a long hauler with covid and have been having so much trouble with getting my breathe back to normal. I tried this device called an Acapella but the vibrations from the little ball made me cough horribly. I couldn’t focus on deep breathes and my lungs still fell stiff and breathing was difficult. This Live, Love, Laugh Respiratory device made all the difference; I could breathe as deep as I need to stretch out my lungs and help me get my lungs back. Not maybe to the way they use to be but definitely get them better. Thank you, this device is really helping me.

  51. Hannah Scott

    Really helps with my sons asthma. Really helps him slow down his breathing.

  52. Jumperman

    Lungs feel great

  53. Jojo

    I use it every day and every day I feel stronger and healthier

  54. dancer girl

    definite buy. I’m not sure what the purpose of the 3 mouthpeices are?

  55. Martha Jonze

    such a cool little device. I’m so happy I have one of these and so happy to have my lungs feeling better.

  56. talhia

    every elderly person with pulmonary disorders should have one

  57. marky mark


  58. Tony

    this really has been a game changer in so many facets for my family and I. So happy to have this product.

  59. Really Fun Mom


  60. Megan Parker

    Every family should have one of these in the house!

  61. Zeta Zebra

    excellent buy!

  62. Haratio

    Make sure you use one of the mouthpieces with this device!!

  63. joe Christenson

    Not being able to breathe sucks. It took some time getting used to this device but once I finally got it going it was so great to be able to breathe better. I’m still not perfect but i can notice a difference. I feel like this combined with my nebulizers have really made a difference with my COPD.

  64. CeeCee

    really helped my family get back in healthy shape.

  65. Terry Tones

    Great product!

  66. santander steve

    helpful product

  67. Happy customer

    There are cheaper solutions out there but this one is the best.

  68. everet jones

    This was such a wonderful solution for my husbands COPD. It really helped him get himself back in the breathing shape he wants. Its kind of pricey but totally worth it!

  69. Susan G

    after all the solutions I’ve tried in my life, this one is the best. I absolutely love it. My lungs feel great.

  70. Parvati P

    So awesome

  71. Claude

    a bit expensive

  72. Virginia Tetotaller

    Inspiring! truly life changing. Thank you for inventing this!!

  73. donna

    So good!

  74. Monica

    such a special product but make sure you watch the instructional video for it so you use it right.

  75. Tahlia

    Really great product!

  76. Nadia D

    This little device has been inspiring to me. I’ve had covid-19 and for 3 or so months after I couldn’t seem to get my breath back. I started using this device twice a day for 6 days a week for about 10 minutes a day and within a month, my lungs were feeling great again. Please buy this if you had covid-19. It really helped me get better.

  77. Margot

    really love this device.

  78. Ralph Boyd

    I get really tired just from walking around. I didn’t even realize it was because my O2 levels were so low. This really helped me get my energy back.

  79. Marni Jane

    so happy to purchase this product. this really has made a difference for me and my family

  80. Frank Jones

    This is such a great product. It makes such a difference.

  81. danny

    Amazing product

  82. Lung Guy

    Really happy to have bought this product

  83. Mario Mangioni

    This was great for helping with my Covid. I wish I had known about this right after I got it. Really has gotten my lungs back into shape.

  84. Kallie

    a must buy, should be in every household in america

  85. Johno

    Really revolutionary device. I bought one for my entire family but the biggest problem is usage. You need to make sure that you’re consistently using this device, every day for at least 10 minutes. Seriously, this will not work if you’re not using it correctly.

  86. Mark Thogt

    really love this little device

  87. Warrior Will

    This thing is so cool!

  88. Ralph Ralph

    Amazing product, really made a difference for me post covid

  89. Sonya

    definite buy!

  90. Fishman

    I’m so happy with the way this product helped me and my family. It took some time and effort but if you stay with it, you’ll really see the benefit from it quickly

  91. Sally jackson


  92. Ugway

    I love this stupid thing!

  93. William Donaldson

    I have severe COPD and this really helped me get my lungs back in to shape. Thank you so much!

  94. Sandra

    Such a great little tool. I really love it.

  95. Happy Lungs

    Really helped me get control of my lung health

  96. derick


  97. monique

    so beyond happy with this product. Its really helped my family.

  98. Sandy Danielson

    I like this thing and the video on the website really helped me understand how to use it

  99. lung guy!

    make sure you use this everyday!

  100. randy richardson

    this is such a great product that really helps me!

  101. Wanda Micheals

    the absolute best

  102. Peter Jan


  103. trenton T

    Wonderful device that really helps me

  104. Stephanie

    My asthma has been getting worse and need breathing treatments during the day while I’m at work and this lung exerciser helps me a lot in breathing.

  105. Isabel

    It works perfectly !!! Currently
    recovering from bronchitis and this gets everything out so I can breathe again.

  106. Max

    It’s insanely quiet and I can do my treatments discreetly and it won’t disturb anyone while I’m at work or anywhere else.

  107. Elizabeth

    Valuable tool.

  108. Stella

    This product is amazing. It is so much easier to use than my big clunky one. It has helped me a lot in recovering my breathing problems during covid.

  109. Henry

    Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to breathe.

  110. Lucy

    The product not looks very fine apparently, but the results are exceptional too.

  111. Janet

    I’m so happy and relieved that this AMAZING portable breathing machine exists

  112. Will

    This product is virtually silent and can be used anywhere. Easy to clean, I bought this for my Mother who has COPD with emphysema. It appears that she is getting more vapor with this unit over her old unit. I Highly Recommend This Product!

  113. Carol

    A revolutionary product!

  114. Henry

    Works great! Not a waste of money.

  115. Debra

    My grandma is getting old and she’s
    coughing 24/7. I bought this for her. It has improved her lungs a lot.

  116. Seth

    Works great!

  117. Nina

    Great to break up mucus build up in your lungs and after I blow into it at a medium pace 10 times I can tell my lungs feel better with more oxygen in them.

  118. Marcus

    Satisfactory results.

  119. William greenberg

    Since the start of the CV-19 pandemic, I’ve been using a pulse oximeter to monitor my oxygen, regarding 98 & 99 as good levels. After the principal day of utilization I am getting strong 100 readings.

  120. Hestal

    It has made way easy for me to breathe. Thank you!

  121. Ronnie

    This product just blessed my lungs!

  122. Robbie

    Felt a lot of improvement in my breath after using it once, only.

  123. Claire

    Love it!

  124. Tracey

    Very suitable for spring allergies.

  125. Lembery

    I have asthma and have been encountering a couple of assaults recently this aided clear my bodily fluid and open my aviation routes and lungs even after my emergency clinic visits.

  126. Baverly

    This product was simple to setup and easy to clean. I used this product due to having bronchitis.

  127. Angela

    This is no less than a blessing for me, it has blessed me a new life. I can breathe easily after using it..

  128. Mark

    Happy and healthy lungs.

  129. Olive

    Excellent product!!

  130. Leonard

    Wonderful results in a very short while, it’s been really lovely to sleep at night, rather than coughing to clear your lungs!

  131. Phoebe

    I am feeling a lot easier, after only just a few days of using this exerciser.

  132. Miranda

    Purchased for somebody who experiences emphysema and the straightforwardness of this is incredible for them to help dispose of mucus.

  133. Holly

    It helped me in fighting covid. Thank you!

  134. Allison

    It really is a good little machine. Don’t need so many drugs now.

  135. David

    Worth buying, indeed.

  136. Tracey

    Very easy to use, definitely helps with worse kind of lungs conditions.

  137. Loretta


  138. Debra

    This lung exerciser is beyond amazing.

  139. Vicky

    After using it, I am feeling better; longer breathes, easier to get air.

  140. Polly

    101% recommended.

  141. Brian

    The flow of mucus in my lungs has dramatically reduced, after using it.

  142. Dan

    Appears to have helped that after just 2 days. I likewise feel a particular expansion in lung limit.

  143. Deborah

    This is exactly what I need to recover from COVID.

  144. Devine

    It was worth buying and it is really helping my mother with congestion.

  145. Sophie

    Such an amazing respiratory strengthening product.

  146. Amelia Kerr

    My mother was diagnosed with covid, her breath rate was falling by every passing day. I nebulized her and gave a lot of other medication too. Then one of my relatives told me about this lung exerciser. I bought it the other day and today I can see my mother recovering and doing a lot better. She tells that she can breathe better after using it. Thank you so much!

  147. D. Conway

    I am feeling a lot easier, after only just a few days of using this exerciser.

  148. Kane Williamson

    The product is fine – well made

  149. Mark Taylor

    It’s been really lovely to sleep at night, rather than coughing to clear your lungs!

  150. Amy S.

    Simplicity of this is great for everyone to help get rid of mucus.

  151. Satterthwaite

    I am loving the changes this exercise has brought in my lungs.

  152. Tim Southee

    This exerciser is referable over a nebulizer.

  153. Colin

    My chest and throat feel clearer and less congested after using it.

  154. Lea Tahuhu

    My overall lung capacity has improved by its use.

  155. Trent Boult

    I am pleased to have come across this device purely through happenstance.

  156. Jessica Dawn

    I have severe COPD this has really helped me.

  157. Colin Munro

    Such a healthy product it is!

  158. J. Kerr

    Extremely effective in improving lung capacity.

  159. Tom Letham

    Really good exercise to clear and strengthen lungs.

  160. Martin Guptil

    After using it once my lungs feel like they are taking in more air.

  161. Maddy G.

    It’s a gym workout for my lungs.

  162. Guptil

    Amazing product!

  163. Hannah Rowe

    Helped me a lot in recovering covid, thanks!

  164. Rose Winslet

    Well-designed instrument for strengthening lungs.

  165. Suzie Bates

    It loosens the mucus on the chest and helps with breathlessness.

  166. Nicholls

    Used it once, and I am not out of breath anymore.

  167. Matt Henrry

    Seems to be doing the trick so far.

  168. Neesham G

    It has helped in strengthen my lungs after severe covid attack.

  169. Joy Root

    A product that deserves 5 stars!

  170. Leigh Kasperek

    I used to feel my lungs burdened and couldn’t breathe. Then my friend told me to use a lung exerciser and now I feel a tremendous change in my breath rate.

  171. Rosemary

    Since I have chronic bronchitis, I was looking for something that also helps without medication and it works fine.

  172. Amy Mair

    Very good product.

  173. Lockie Ferguson

    Helped me a lot in recovering covid. Definitely, suggesting everyone.

  174. Hayley

    I used to breathe fatal before using it. Thanks for introducing this lung exerciser.

  175. Jensen K.

    Thank you for the product and having it arrive on schedule.

  176. Frances

    Works great at getting matter off the lungs.

  177. Mackay

    Helps to release mucus from the bronchi. Recommended 100%.

  178. Santner

    Great for improving lung capacity.

  179. Mitchell Starc

    Being a COPD patient, it’s very difficult for me to breathe properly because of mucus inflammation in lungs. It helps me a lot to get my sputum up.

  180. Tom Blundell

    Loved shopping around this product!

  181. Jacob

    Did less than 3 min 2 times/day and got a lot relief in my breathing problems.

  182. A. Duffy

    After a long period of regular use, I can measure noticeably better values in % spo

  183. Holly Huddleston

    It is way easy to turn the knobs and that is the best part of this lung exerciser.

  184. Jessie Lynn

    I like how the mouthpiece is easy to grasp and hold in mouth without jaw pressure. The dial settings are distinct and easy to use.

  185. Miguel E. Tersy

    I had to build up to this, I was at the maximum, and then beginning to do squats on the inhales and exhales. When that feels challenging, I am aware there’s more pollen in the air and I need to be careful

  186. Abrashoff

    Happy customer

  187. Ashlie

    It help me relax and control breathing at night before bed or before a competition.

  188. Linda

    I look forward to using Breather Fit for inspiratory and expiratory muscle training to improve my athletic performance.

  189. Marcia Buscemi

    As much as I did not want this product I have to say it has improved my lung efficiency. I’m an emphysema sufferer and this has been a wonderful instrument to use.

  190. Johnson O

    Does what it’s meant to do, helps one work their lungs. It does this very well!

  191. Caleb Hawn

    I am using it as the next step in my training after the Breather. It is excellent in providing more of a challenge. Using the Fit has produced a noticeable difference in a relatively short time.

  192. Dania Laney

    I had lung surgery to remove upper left lobe and I was concerned about using what lung I have left to its maximum capability. I found this device and compared them to others and it won hands down! I use it religiously and I FEEL the difference. It improved my lung function so much that I bought one for my asthmatic sister!

  193. John Nicholas

    I am a normally healthy 60 year old endurance athlete and after Covid-19 I had pneumonia and diminished lung capacity. This device is fantastic for restoring lung capacity and building good diaphragmatic breathing.

  194. Paul W

    Using for COPD. Time will tell if this helps.

  195. Luis G Lenero

    Great product! This has vastly improved my daily cardio. I have found that my lung functioning is greatly improved, as I no longer get out of breath easily.

  196. Cass

    This is a great stamina builder. Easy to use, dials to make it harder or easier.

  197. Eric A

    Great product and vendor

  198. Alexander

    I ordered it on Monday and it got her on Tues. Nice surprise. It works great

  199. Jeff

    Life saver, my cardio , pulmonary health quickly keeps getting noticeably better the more I use this. Help alot with stress, anxiety.

  200. William

    It’s actually addictive because you feel so much better and I have so much more endurance in my workouts.

  201. Edson F

    I’ve only had this for roughly one week. I will update after my training regime. So far so good.

  202. Violet

    My husband’s physical therapist recommended it and is absolutely amazing!

  203. Jay Sprout

    Just as described. Great product producing terrific results

  204. A. Martini

    Protocol is simple: breathe on certain settings 10 time twice a day. Benefits are noticeable.

  205. Elizabeth

    A good product to increase lung function I meet my expectations

  206. Joseph Prematta

    Working great for my asthma and preparing me for diving again! I love the resistance training! It’s worth the little money for anyone wanting to build throat and lungs and even esophagus!

  207. Bebo

    My mom received a diagnosis of COPD and her doctor wanted her to use inhalers twice a day. We ordered the device she uses it three times daily (3 sets of 10 breathes daily) now she is able to be off of her inhalers

  208. Bether Lou

    I just tested the breather before my last basketball game and noticed huge improvements in my breathing and stamina. I didn’t even have to sub out once! It is easy to use and bring anywhere!

  209. Jennifer

    Helps with my breathing after my stroke.

  210. Deanna

    My mom has increased their oxygen saturation, decreased their SOB, improved their swallowing and increased their vocal cord strength.

  211. Robert Stafford

    Bought this a few months back. It was very easy and comfortable to use. Started feeling better pretty quickly. I am happy I bought this breather device.

  212. Mike T.

    Great product. It was recommended by my speech therapist. Allows me to improve my respiratory capacity.

  213. Matts H.

    I’m going with 5 stars.

  214. Christina

    It strengthens the lungs and expands the cavity so the patient can receive more natural oxygen

  215. M Lakoma

    This kept my son-in-law out of the hospital. From start to finish of this nasty frightening virus was 17 days for him. 😊

  216. Howard

    By all standards: its design is simplistic; it’s user-friendly; it’s easy to sanitize; it’s durable; most important: it is very adjustable

  217. James C.

    My coughing fits has calm down. I need to tell my pulmonary doctor about this product. It’s great!

  218. Jennifer Robinson

    Recommend it to improve/maintain muscles that are involved with swallowing, voicing and coughing.

  219. Luis

    It’s going to help keep my lungs clear, as I continue to age.

  220. Maria

    Love it! My husband is weaning off a trach. Wouldn’t be able to without this device recommended by his speech therapist. Increases his lung capacity and ability to lower his oxygen levels.

  221. Anthony Elia Maarraoui

    This works great for me. It is easy to use and wash and takes up very little room. Since it sits next to my bed, I actually use it on a regular basis to exercise my weak diaphragm.

  222. Tyler D. Rencher

    I am so happy with this breather. I have a lung condition, bronchiectasis and need to strengthen my lungs. I love this breather, it’s easy to use and clean.

  223. Josh Smith

    I’ve also noticed an improvement in my swallowing since using the Breather. 100%

  224. Medimundo

    Expands lung oxygen capacity well.

  225. Rob

    The single best tool for lung transplant recipient.

  226. Douglas Terry

    I been having breathing problems just walking. This simple device just gets the job done. I started doing better after a short time.

  227. Mike

    It seemed way too easy at first but I think it’s doing something inside me that working!

  228. Robert Potamus

    A friend of mine recommended that I take a look at the breather for my asthma. I’ve been using it now for about 2 weeks and I have to say, I am really noticing an improvement.

  229. Bob feeser

    This device does seem to strengthen your lungs which helps with your breathing. I am still working through the protocols but am satisfied.

  230. Chris

    The breather is small but very effective. I have been using it for a short period of time with great results and look forward to what long term use can bring. Highly recommended!

  231. Stori

    My daughter and I are both using one. It has greatly enhanced my lung volume and easier breathing. Really does exercise your chest muscles

  232. Todd B.

    Absolutely works.

  233. H Wilhite

    I’ve been wheezing off and on, and although I have my nebulizer and other inhalant, I realized I needed to strengthen my lungs.

  234. Monica

    This simple gadget is a must!

  235. Steven R. Bukosky

    It is also super easy to use and the size is perfect and very portable. Really love it!! 😊👍

  236. Chandler

    Great therapy for my mom who has emphysema. She feels it helps strengthen her breathing and I can definitely see an improvement.

  237. Roger

    What a great, common sense solution to breathing issues. It actually works! Easy routine. Amazing how common sense oriented it is!

  238. David A. Hill

    I like that it works the lungs both on inhale & exhale. The levels can be adjusted independently. Super easy to use.

  239. Sabrina L.

    With no lung or breathing issues this is fairly simple to use on hardest setting and to do exercises

  240. Kirstie Corbett

    Good quality, easy to disassemble for cleaning. Time will tell how it performs and how good the results will be.

  241. Tuffie

    I was excited to receive “The Breather” in the mail today. The shipping was on time and the packaging opened easily. I’m initially impressed with the build quality and the product arrived completely intact.

  242. Cory Andreson

    I have COPD and purchased The Breather to strengthen my diaphragm muscles. I have significantly improved my breathing by using it every day.

  243. Steve Waugh.

    It help me to empty your lungs of phlegm which makes breathing so much better.

  244. Dave

    I will continue to tell people about how great this product is. Thank you so much. It is worth every penny!!

  245. Rebecca

    Given the Breather at a Co-Vid recovering Rehab and this easy to use & maintain item s so wonderful and replaces my having to use 2 other devices to accomplish the same thing.

  246. R. J. Scott

    Less bulky and easy to use. I do it several times a day. Especially before doing a breathing treatment. I love The Breather.

  247. Shay F.

    It helps to increase your lung capacity and diaphragm strength.

  248. Thomas Bylsma

    I have eosinophilia asthma and this has helped me increase my lung function.

  249. Tina Kay

    This teaches you to breathe from your diaphragm and also helps with inhaling and exhaling thoroughly.

  250. Ms McGee

    This works your diaphragm out better than a 10 mile walk

  251. Mark Wood

    My speech therapist recommended this product, and I’m glad she did. I am using it to hopefully improve my lung capacity and to help my voice strength. So far, I really like it! I would highly recommend.

  252. James Anderson

    This type was a first for me. It’s compact size made it perfect for me to carry and use.

  253. Jadela

    I’d buy again for my mother too.

  254. William Roy

    We are using this to train my wife for deeper breathing, and it is a great product that does exactly what it is intended for.

  255. Jinhan Yao

    Well I recently bought the breather and I must say after using it only a few days I can really tell the difference in my breathing. I am not where I want to be but it is a start.

  256. Jerry

    The Breather is an excellent tool in helping with voice and swallowing problems not associated with any known physical deformity. It has made quite a difference in just a few short weeks.

  257. Jaided Dreamah

    This device is wonderful easy to use small and compact. Plus very effective.

  258. Lisa Roy

    After suffering with covid 2020 respiratory problems occurred. The breather is helping in the restoration of my lung function.

  259. Jennifer Hawkins

    Compact. Ingenious device to help my boyfriend whom has serious lung issues due to both collapsing from gunshots, he is feeling stronger and we are so thankful for a device that can help improve lungs and swallowing issues. Who would have thought! Thank you.

  260. lynnette seybert

    This is the size of a pipe and easy to use. It takes several times to get the right setting to work your lungs on inhale and exhale. I think it is helping my lung capacity.

  261. Jason R.

    Gets used every day

  262. Carrie E Miller

    Gets used every day

  263. Kate Mahoney

    My husband is 6weeks post hospital with CoVid pneumonia. This device has helped hugely in our at home respiratory therapy. The one sent from hospital is only for inhale.

  264. Burrier A

    Works Great

  265. Amanda

    I ordered this on request of a physical therapist for someone 87 years old. The therapist has been working with her and seems to be pleased with this item.

  266. Ponting

    This works inhale and exhale breathing with increasing levels of resistance.

  267. Samantha R.

    This has been a game changer.

  268. Flintoff

    Compact size. Does exactly what I want it to do. Strengthens lungs inhaling and exhaling.

  269. Michael W

    Very easy to use and to me is a very important method in my health.

  270. Effy

    This definitely helps increase lung capacity, felt improvement after a couple of days, follow the recommendations and stick to it you feel much better

  271. Mandy Green

    Very helpful with respiratory recovery and strengthening. Sturdy, easy to use

  272. C. Whitney

    I really like this design. It is easily cleaned and used. My dad has Parkinson and uses it as part of his speech therapy to keep his voice going.

  273. Darren Sammy

    Great for asthma and COPD

  274. Janet Gambino

    The Breather has helped my mom increase her lung capacity and ameliorate her COPD symptoms.

  275. Lon J.

    It is easy to use and really gives a sense of accomplishment. The tutorial videos are very helpful as well.

  276. Eric

    Very satisfied.

  277. Fiona Lindberg

    Bought this for my father, who has COPD, and he says it is helping a lot.

  278. Natasha

    Perfect for my husband’s physical therapy after surviving Covid-19. Definite improvement in his lung capacity and strength.

  279. Crow

    Like anything, if you use it, it provides great benefit.

  280. Kathy

    Helps with my husband’s breathing. Also increases the volume of his voice.

  281. Chris

    It has made a HUGE difference for my wife’s respiratory needs after she recovered from Covid. We love it!

  282. Amber

    I use the Breather with clients to have difficulty with diaphragmatic breathing, voice issues and Swallowing problems. It is an effective means of addressing muscle strengthening.

  283. Marji

    Only been using it a week and notice a marked improvement in my ability to breathe.

  284. Larry Smola

    I am so grateful that my physical therapist recommended this product. I’ve used it daily for a week and a half and can feel the change for the better in my lung strength.

  285. E. Newberg

    I used it when I had bronchitis to help my lungs. You don’t realize how much you are struggling until you use it.

  286. Beckie

    Prompt service on a quality item. Definitely helping an elderly person get their lungs back in shape after a bout of pneumonia! Easy to use and clean.

  287. Quan M. Le

    I have always loved this product. I had one in the past and I ordered this one for my grandson.

  288. Hanlys

    Really helps retrain how to breathe from diaphragm. Also helped reduce stress and tension when using. Noticeable difference in breathing

  289. Joel

    This is an awesome device to strengthen your diaphragm muscles

  290. Kelley

    Excellent product – great customer support with some questions. Leave a message and they’ll definitely call back in a day or so.

  291. john f. clifford

    It is a very simple design and easy to use. It worked well and helped strength. Still using and have no issues.

  292. Facchiano

    Works well.. Good workout for your lungs..

  293. Robyn

    Really does a great job of strengthening my lungs!

  294. Billy Liu

    My throat therapist recommended this product. It has helped my breathing.

  295. Nash Bridges

    My speech therapist recommended this model and I’m glad he did. This is easy to use although slightly difficult to adjust.

  296. Ms. Tam

    Patients with breathing and voice problems as well as swallowing difficulties

  297. Jalila

    The breather was for my husband who has Parkinson’s it was recommended by his speech therapist!

  298. Stephanie S.

    Very easy to use and clean. It really helps if you use it.

  299. Odessa

    Really works the diaphragm and opens the lungs.

  300. Rex Knauff

    Very easy to use and very helpful

  301. Stacie

    It’s easy to use and he feels comfortable using it.

  302. Raynald H Lemelin

    I look forward to using Breather Fit for inspiratory and expiratory muscle training to improve my athletic performance.

  303. Camille

    My husband’s physical therapist recommended it and is absolutely amazing!

  304. Richard Elliott

    Great for getting the lungs working again I have very severe asthma and I’ve difficulty walking, after using for a week I managed a flight of stairs in one go, normally takes three. Great product for asthma and great customer service.

  305. DJ Bravo

    This has greatly improved my life and I am grateful. If I could give more stars I would….it is just that profound for me.

  306. David S.

    It works perfectly!!! Currently recovering from bronchitis and this gets everything out so I can breathe again

  307. Carlos

    Great to break up mucus build up in your lungs and after I blow into it at a medium pacer 10 times I can tell my lungs feel better with more oxygen in them.

  308. Sébastien Girard

    I can feel item work as described but did not do anything for my condition but i believe it will work for some people and custom service is very good got refund fast

  309. A Moyer

    Great item! Took me about ten min of practice to learn. This item is heaven sent. I have asthma and have been experiencing a few attacks lately this this helped clear my mucus and open my airways and lungs even after my hospital visits. It like night and day 100% recommended to anyone with mucus blockage.

  310. Shelley Bates

    This is exactly what I need to recover from COVID. It is easy to use and is helping to keep the crud out of my lungs.

  311. Leslie D.

    The Breather helped me expand my lung capacity so I no longer get breathless taking walks with my husband and I am able to wakeboard again!

  312. Jason C

    I am not really snoring anymore! I did not buy this for sleep apnea but it was a happy extra therapeutic benefit I learned about! Brilliantly intuitive device!!! Brilliantly intuitive device!!!

  313. Fotu Taeoalii

    I bought it less than a week ago, use it as instructed several times daily, and I have already noticed an improvement in my inflow and outflow. I know there have to be other great alternatives to medicine like this great device.

  314. Brandon

    I am thankful to my therapist and The Breather Company for helping people without the use of toxic medication. Thank you

  315. Stewart

    My wife diagnosed of COPD and her dr recommend her to use inhalers twice a day. We ordered the device she uses it three times daily her is she able to be off of her inhalers

  316. Roz Hoseman

    I can’t say enough about this device. I personally feel this is a great device that especially those with lung issues need to make part of their care-repertoire and one doctors need to recommend!

  317. A. Franceski

    This little gadget is a wonderful tool to build your lung capacity.

  318. Joseph

    A couple of days into the treatment I could feel myself taking deeper breaths and exhaling a lot stronger and being a lot more cognizant of my breathing. I would highly recommend this to anyone with issues of lung capacity.

  319. CARDSO

    I use the breather twice a day and bought the case. It is a well-built system that is not as large as the incentive spirometer and therefore easy to travel with. The dials let you increase the resistance as your lungs get stronger breathing in and breathing out.

  320. Perdro P.

    Anyone post-COVID would benefit from this device and lung exercise.

  321. Brian Neve

    I use it for ten minutes each day rather than trying to count breaths. Sometimes it seems to get stuck or blocked after cleaning.

  322. Guillaume

    Helps with my breathing after my stroke.

  323. Simard

    It looks intimidating but it is easy to use with clear instructions! I highly recommend this product.

  324. C Sheffield

    I was really surprised by how when this worked but so happy with this lung exerciser

  325. Tayyem G.

    It fits well into my hands and feels good on my lungs compared the running masks. Really Helpful

  326. Gail

    It really makes my diaphragm stronger. It does a good job at training my diaphragm muscles.

  327. Remie T

    This is a great product. After only a few times using it I can already feel the benefits.

  328. Hector

    This product is the best in the market

  329. Chris Byrd

    Anyone with asthma needs to try this. It works

  330. Patricia D

    It really works for lungs and if you have any issues breathing at all. Easy instructions and well worth it!

  331. Jesse

    Easy to use! Great benefits!

  332. Britt

    This product is easy to use and effective! With COVID-19.

  333. Shawn Kibel

    Using this makes me feel more safe and prepared!

  334. Pamela Parker

    It’s super easy to assemble and moderate the resistance levels by touch, and compact enough to easily fit in a purse. It also comes with a personalized thank you note which is always lovely.

  335. S. Patrick

    I have asthma and got this to see if my breathing could get easier and I feel like it has helped after using daily for a month.

  336. L Carson

    I bought this breather as a gift for my friend, and I have never seen anyone happier than him and I am glad too that I made this life-changing purchase for him. 5 Stars

  337. Dallast

    It works great and it will fit easily into a small makeup bag for travel or just to keep all of it together.

  338. Duncanson

    Its works as it should, it does offer lung training I will report in time on my progress.

  339. Robert P

    I has been using it to rehab lungs after Covid illness and it is working wonderfully. Thanks for such a good quality.

  340. Brett Lee

    Since using it my breathing has greatly improved. I was skeptical at first but now I’m a believer.

  341. Jess Miller

    It improves cough flow. And it has two knobs one is for exhale and other is for inhale. Very simple exerciser.

  342. Kat T

    Easy to use and carry anywhere it’s a very effective exercising tool for asthma people.

  343. Kevin

    I really enjoy using this product because the training it provides have fantastic results.

  344. Stormvoël

    Does exactly what it promises and the instructions are simple and easy to understand.

  345. Anne Dakan

    Great product – great company! I use it mostly to control my breathing and lower my anxiety. Most of the effort goes into my inhale portion and I can feel a noticeable difference in my stamina.

  346. Cynthia

    Great product for breathing exercises

  347. Jones

    I recommend to anyone with breathing problems.

  348. Elizabeth Phillips

    Well made, sturdy and easy to use.

  349. Katelyn

    I bought this to help my lungs recover from covid and will probably be buying another for my asthmatic mother-in-law as well.

  350. Robin

    I will recommend this product to everyone who asks.

  351. Alwin

    I was looking for a lung exercises product that is well made and easy to use. This product fit both of those criteria’s.

  352. Vanessa

    I suffered from long term Covid shortness of breath, this device was extremely helpful in improving my breathing

  353. Stephanie S.

    Exercise your lungs during this pandemic

  354. Linda Hartell

    This is a very high quality lung trainer. As a runner, I’m using it to develop my diaphragm muscle.

  355. Courtney

    Love it, works well and increased my energy.

  356. Whitney

    It has given me better breathing and I am able to sleep more restfully.

  357. E. Comella

    I have asthma and have trouble breathing sometimes. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and can already tell a big improvement in my breathing.

  358. Kayla

    I’m a Covid-19 survivor with damaged lungs as aftermath. Some days my breathing is less functional and I get scared. This works very well and I’m already better the next day.

  359. Kerr

    Increase your lung power with easy to use.

  360. Annabel G.

    I’m a Covid-19 survivor with damaged lungs as aftermath. Some days my breathing is less functional and I get scared. This works very well and I’m already better the next day.

  361. A. Oldenburger

    I work out with it, and when I can’t I just work on breathing with it.

  362. Brandi

    I’ve been using it once a day on average so now I’m upping my usage to 2x day. I can definitely tell that my breathing is deeper and I’m waking up very refreshed in the mornings.

  363. Gabrielle D. Logan

    The product works great I have used it after working out.

  364. Terry L

    My lungs and body are definitely getting benefits from this.

  365. Nichelle Burden

    This has increased both my breathing capacity and efficiency. And, not just during my gym time, but I have noticed a difference throughout the day.

  366. Shelby

    In light of COVID-19 I’ve been using this more and more. After breathing through this for a bit, it feels much easier to breath in general. I’m very thankful to have this right now!

  367. Barak

    Highly recommend if you have anxiety and it triggers your breathing.

  368. Taylor

    This helped me to feel what it means to breathe deeply from your diaphragm.

  369. Telisha

    This device assisted with controlling my breathing while I run for pleasure or in a race. Such a simple device.

  370. Mike

    We use it for Post-Covid-19 as a recuperating therapy. Is very useful. Our doctor recommend it and he was spot on!

  371. Pilar

    I suffer from shortness of breath and this device helped my lungs feel better the first time that I used it. It really exercises your breathing muscles. It’s like weightlifting for your lungs.

  372. Mary R.

    It really does work. I have severe asthma that’s been out of control lately. I’ve been choking and gasping for weeks. In one use it helped clear my lungs. One week later I’m still clear.

  373. Jonny

    Really does a great job of strengthening my lungs!

  374. Bairstow

    In just 2 days I already feel the positive effects, really feels like I can breathe deeper without the extra effort.

  375. Jason Roy

    Absolutely works.

  376. P.Jackson

    An excellent tool in helping with voice and swallowing problems not associated with any known physical deformity.

  377. Jane Desouza

    It has made quite a difference in just a few short weeks.

  378. Alex Carey

    Love the item easy to use and clean love the perfect feeling in fitting to my hand.

  379. Ricky Ponting

    I am perfectly satisfied with the results.

  380. Janet S


  381. John Lewis

    Great addition to my inhaler. It has really improved my lung capacity.

  382. Alan

    This is so handy, I use it while I am driving, to exercise my lungs.

  383. Liza Rip

    This was for my Husband. He’s a cyclist. He noticed a huge difference in few days.

  384. Hood

    Absolutely nothing to dislike.

  385. Tomomi tTukiyama

    I have been short of breath for a long time, so I decided to try this and now even my Husband notices the change in my breathing and recovery.

  386. Quinn

    Use it at least once a day with enough resistance that I can feel it working.

  387. Mark Taylor

    Excellent! Very happy with it. Like its small size.

  388. Melanie Avalon

    I like it a lot. Built well and does what it’s supposed to… Although you could easily do the same exercise by breathing through a closed fist…

  389. Davinci

    Very durable and little if anything to break … Very easy to clean.

  390. Kevin G

    Great tool for strengthening your lung capacity. I am very happy with my purchase. If you have lung issues – buy this!.

  391. Marry Louwho

    We purchased this for a friend who has limited lung capacity and she uses it every chance she gets. She very pleased with the results.

  392. Russell Suhler

    I have more energy throughout day, sleep better. Clears out my allergy congested lungs.

  393. Stewart

    Purchase because I am being treated for a lung problem my condition has improved with the use of this product.

  394. Ruchan

    I would recommend all COPD patients regardless of your level! You have not done all you can for this terrible disease if you have not given this great instrument a try!

  395. Mary S

    A must have for those living with COPD.

  396. Dana Oira

    Product works great and I use it often. I use it lying down on a couch. You can really feel a muscular strain in the chest and lungs.

  397. Alicia

    So easy to use. Small I can take it easily with me. Easy to clean.

  398. S. Ryan

    This item has made me breathe easier, easy to use and clean, I’m a smoker and feel so much better after using. AWESOME Product.

  399. Sandy Butler

    Easy to use and clean, something that you use with desire not with someone asking remind you to do your breathing exercises.

  400. E. Thiessen

    Great product. I can feel my breathing muscle contracting on the first use!

  401. Ember

    Works very good and easy to use it really helps my lungs get stronger for exercise I would buy again.

  402. Sellars

    This thing is awesome

  403. Sharanya

    This device helps me to open my lungs before a run or ride. Cuts down on the exercised asthma at the beginning of a workout

  404. R. Friedrich

    Breathing exercises. Easy to use. Builds strong diaphragm muscles.

  405. Priscilla Mortensen

    Excellent tool indeed. Since I have started using it, I feel better throughout the day, I sleep better, and my physical performance has improved.

  406. Marcela F.

    This product is awesome! If you want to train your breathing muscles, this is the best bang for the buck. Get this one!

  407. Erik Allen

    This thing is great! Wished I’d known about it years ago. I’ve had it a couple weeks now and already benefiting from it.

  408. Amy

    Works like a charm. Lungs feel great afterwards.

  409. J. Carnes

    Have asthma and bought to strengthen lungs. Seems to be helping. Product is simple and durable.

  410. S. Ambrosius

    This really works for me. It does increase Lung capacity. If you have sarcoidosis of the lungs…great device to help improve breathing

  411. Rafael A. Rosario

    Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve lung capacity.

  412. Victoria

    Easy to use. Simple. Effective in increasing lung capacity.

  413. Taylert

    Great health benefit. It was requested I use it and the results have been beneficial.

  414. Kaleigh

    Wow, this is very simple to use, and very easy to adjust the settings. Hoping it helps sleep apnea some!.

  415. Crecelius

    Quality seems good and it holds up well to use.

  416. O’Connor Fam

    Great piece of equipment. Make sure to follow exercise directions.

  417. Nick A.

    Very easy to use. Feels very good after few days.

  418. Jacob Oram

    It helps already

  419. Kelly D

    Effective, simple, relatively inexpensive device for breath training, control and pulmonary rehab. Name says it all.

  420. Mac Farsider

    It is great my roommate has one he tell me all about it I finely got me one I used every day it does help me alot with my lungs I am very happy with it.

  421. Jeannie M. Bushnell

    Great product, keep up the work manufacturers!

  422. Andy

    Excellent for deep breathing

  423. J B Reisz

    I have no issues with this device.

  424. Natalya

    Just started using this as I have asthma and am hoping this will help to build up my breathing.

  425. Will

    For shallow breathers, athletes, and anyone else interested in optimizing their breathing, this is a great product. Ordered one for my son.

  426. M. Bushnell

    After just a few minutes of ding the exercise, my lungs felt as though they were significantly expanded and stayed that way most of the day.

  427. K. D.

    Great little device! Easy to use; helps relieve stress and clear my head!

  428. Kara

    Works great. I really feel every workout, and my voice has improved. Highly recommend.

  429. D. Burchfield

    Works great. I really feel every workout, and my voice has improved. Highly recommend.

  430. John Jilwan

    Helped me breath on first breath I used it — awesome!

  431. Ted

    I love this little device. It improves swimming performance, anything cardio and just basic breathing efficiency for everyday life and for fitness.

  432. Addalia

    Great Product I use it to train vocally, Opera singers need to breathe and this device helps develop the ability to sustain one line of music with less than one breath inhalation.

  433. Pierce

    It really helps with lung strength and endurance training.

  434. Brian L.

    The seller was very kind resolving some problems about my delivery address.

  435. Alison

    Like this product. It works well.

  436. S. N. Scott

    Champion piece of equipment for your lungs.

  437. Kelly Gwen

    This is great and helping me to breathe better through device.

  438. Keith

    I was skeptical at first but you can feel the difference after a few times using it.

  439. Michael D. Kelley

    This is awesome in every aspect of lung health.

  440. Danielle

    Exactly as advertised, excellent product

  441. Kris

    I just started using it and its way to soon to determine if its effective

  442. Serenity Fade

    This produce has expanded my lung capacity and breathing ability!!

  443. Zachariah McElhatton

    I used to guess for air when wearing a respirator working on the lawn. This has helped me tremendously. I love it.

  444. Stephanie

    I’ve been enjoying exercising my lungs, mouth and tongue.

  445. Anna J.

    In just a weeks’ time I could tell the difference in my lung capacity and breathe strength. Small and easy to clean.

  446. Allan Maxwell

    Works as represented.

  447. Bruce T

    Used it for several months and was able to increase my time under water from a minute to a minute and a half. Very happy with it so far.

  448. Douglas P.

    Love it!!! Does what is supposed to do.

  449. Douglas P.

    Love it!!! Does what is supposed to do.

  450. Brad

    I find the breathing technique to be very supportive of my needs.

  451. Philip

    I have exercise induced asthma and this has helped my breathing endurance better than running!!!!

  452. M. Hafer

    This is great! Post cancer surgery, one lobe removed. This lets me build lung capacity!

  453. R. E. Hamma

    This product was exactly what I was looking for and fully met my expectations.

  454. Carlos

    This is helping me to breath, and like learning not to choke. Thank you

  455. Nick

    This is a great way to help strengthen lung capacity.

  456. Stevelvis

    Very satisfied!

  457. Scott Carter

    I would recommend this to anyone who has breathing problems

  458. Matt

    Seems to be helping improve lung function. I will keep using it.

  459. Jennifer Brown

    Great product. Use it 5 days a week. Helps improve breathing and lung capacity for sure.

  460. Robert C. Hertlein

    Really amazing product! !! Helped me increase the amount of time I could stay under water

  461. Brandon Millner

    Very easy to use at any time.

  462. William

    I am a speech pathologist, and I get these for a lot of my clients. I use this with Voice clients to strengthen their respiratory support for speech.

  463. Tharin

    Works good

  464. Jessica

    It is easy to use and I am sure it will help a lot. Thank you

  465. Monica J. Kern

    This little instrument is life saver for COPD!!! Saw improvement on day two.

  466. Gloria G.

    When i had Covid-19. It was recommended that i do breathing exercises to help me recover and i purchased this. I really helped my lungs and breathing.

  467. BethAnne

    This device is amazing. Just like workout out, you need to start slowly and over time, build up your resistance.

  468. Derrick

    This was just what I was looking for to help develop my diaphragm muscles.

  469. S. Rao

    I’m getting one for my kids who run cross country and track as their coach recommend breathing exercises.

  470. Carson H.

    It is so easy to use and my respirations which were in the low 90s now hover between 96 to 98.

  471. Ryan D.

    Really gives the breathing muscles a workout to improve breathing. Hoping this thing, along with deep breathing exercises will control my hypertension.

  472. Brent D

    This is a very POWERFUL TOOL must be aware how to use it. It extends your lungs and forces u to breath deep like belly breath.

  473. Susan Dornan

    I recommend this for anyone wanting to expand their lung capabilities and to breathe better!

  474. cathy

    An assets for anyone wanting stronger or healthier lungs

  475. Lisa Murry

    This has helped me so much! Been battling breathing problems, infections and inability to talk in some moments.

  476. Robert Stephenson

    Awesome, and I can really feel improved breathing after only a few uses. Highly recommend. Easy to clean and take care of.

  477. N. Leary

    Use it daily and can feel my lung capacity and oxygen levels improving. Love it.

  478. R. Scott

    Pass all my expectations, good quality. Work well.

  479. Susan R.

    The first time I used it my lungs felt like I could take a deep breath. Continued use is slowly bringing up my sats.

  480. Mariela Z

    Quick shipping and just as described.

  481. Isolina

    184. Easy to use. Does help me breathe deeper. I would recommend to others who have lung issues.

  482. John Kolbaska

    Will keep using it before bed and before a workout.

  483. Rhoda J.

    This item does exactly what it is advertised to do. Expand your lungs.

  484. Sturat Broad

    Great lung exercises

  485. Haley

    Great for someone with breathing problems.

  486. Jean N.

    Easy to exercise your lungs. Also it’s portable so you can take it with you.

  487. Corin R.

    I used this to help me adjust to altitude change for Sydney city trip. Helped a lot.

  488. J. Moody

    Great product; perfect for my needs

  489. L. Fearnley

    My breathing capacity is getting better after using it! I have COPD

  490. Christopher Locke

    This is easy to use and seems to be making a difference. I am not gasping for air when I run.

  491. C. Gutierrez

    Simple straightforward and does the job exactly

  492. Sandi

    Really great product, good quality

  493. Krissi

    It works great . i use this to help me run

  494. Joyce E. Young

    Using it to try and increase my endurance. I felt my diaphragm and stomach muscles a day or two after I started using this, so I know it is having some effect. Will keep using it before bed and before a workout.

  495. Kelly B.

    I felt my diaphragm and stomach muscles a day or two after I started using this, so I know it is having some effect.

  496. Barbara T.

    Really helps increase lung strength.

  497. D. Long

    Will be using this to get my lungs stronger before a surgery.

  498. Jesse B

    I have only had one session and I forgot about it because I have not been out of breath. Perfect 10 Product.

  499. Kirsty

    Within 6 weeks of using this device, I got totally off oxygen and returned to inspecting on a pipeline. Never needed oxygen again. Doctors were totally amazed.

  500. Raquel Rodriguez

    Fast shipping, product as stated Works well

  501. Joe Root

    This is easy to use and will help strengthen your lungs.

  502. Melissa

    Great for breath training.

  503. Michael

    It’s just what the therapist ordered, it should help his condition.

  504. Miller

    I have asthma and have done many breathing programs to work to increase 02 capacity. This has been the best one I have used. Even the guys I train with have been impressed.

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    The product is well made, easy t use and reliable. Good value for money.

  506. Tim A

    Real great product! For everyone!! Help people to learn how to effectively breath!!

  507. Sarah Heger

    I have used it through two allergy seasons (Spring for me) and have much less difficulty. Over all I would say this is worth a try for people with moderate asthma problems.

  508. Granny

    Had problem due to illness, but once I started, wow breathing back to normal. Good for brass players.

  509. Becky

    Fast shipping. My son bought this to enhance his high performance training. Works great!

  510. A. Becky

    It is very practical and simple to use; I see many benefits

  511. Wes Leyshon

    I use this product for breath sickness and is perfect!

  512. Robert

    I’m using it only about 5 days, and I can see a big positive difference. This thing really works.

  513. Leigh Arrathoon

    This device does work. It instantly promotes coughing. I use it in the morning and clear things out before I start my day.

  514. Gary McDonald

    Congrats to Blue Eco Care for great customer service and a helpful breathing device. I got a new device very quickly and have been using it 3 times a day.

  515. Pat

    Fantastic product. Can’t say enough well about it!

  516. Ciara

    This device is great. Helps clear mucus from airways and feels to strengthen my lungs.

  517. Howard

    Go for it! It just might work for you too! A+++

  518. Bob Woolmer

    Works very well to clear my lungs. Very happy with my purchase.

  519. David Stockham

    I can feel the difference in my lungs on the days I use it m, versus the days I don’t. If you have lung issues and are looking for something to help you breathe again, you have just found it.

  520. Jonathan Ranney

    Great exercise for your lungs as well!! Thanks for making a great product!!

  521. Galena D.

    Got this for my boyfriend. He just used it for the first time for 10 minutes and says he hasn’t breathed like this since he was a teenager. He has asthma and possible COPD. Great product.

  522. Darlene L Bruzzi

    This thing really works!! Updating rating to 5 stars..

  523. Michael D. Brown

    I just quit smoking as I was suffering from terrible COPD. This product has been tremendously helpful in excreting the buildup of tar from years of smoking.

  524. Deebs

    It’s useful to athletes and anyone with lung or breathing issues to make their life more manageable.

  525. Chalise

    I bought it for my mother. She develops severe mucous and not able to cough it up results in chronic bronchitis. My mother loves it and wanted a backup so I purchased another one ten days ago and one for a friend on a fixed income with respiratory issues.

  526. Karen

    I am very impressed with the product and with limited use so far I can tell it will help my COPD issues.

  527. Hackett

    So glad I found this. It does what it says it does.

  528. Ernie H

    I have already recommended it to a few friends who also suffer from asthma and bronchitis

  529. Patricia Williams

    It uses your own deep-breathing/blowing vibrations to clear your lungs. Thank you Blue Eco Care, for giving me my life back!

  530. L Carter

    I’ve been using this about 2 weeks now and having great results

  531. Lawrence

    Using this has helped me regain lung function so I’m able to be active again.

  532. kathy

    It has helped so much!

  533. kathy

    It’s really something. I’m very surprised.

  534. Carolyn S.

    I was thrilled to find this was just as good as what I used. It help to break up and clear my congestion from the lungs and airway.

  535. P. Billow

    This device has done the trick for me. I coughed like a horse for 2 years and now I am cured. Sure I still have allergies but now I can clear my chest with just a few non-violent coughs.

  536. Tommie Jones

    This product is great if you have COPD like I do! It clears my lungs of all mucus immediately.

  537. J. Smith

    It is very beneficial when I have a flare up to keep my lungs clear so infection does not start. Easy to clean and easy to use. Highly recommended!

  538. Mark Waugh

    I’d say using this device is allowing better/more transfer of oxygen into my lung tissue, at least so far.

  539. Wanda dewitt

    This is fantastic! My husband suffers from the after effects of pneumonia. My husband has used less than 24 hours and he has less coughing. He tells me that he feels an improvement in his lungs. Fabulous device.

  540. Thomas Dassaro

    I got this device for my mother and I can see a big difference when she blows. Her lungs seem way stronger than before.

  541. Glenn Maxwell

    I was able to address the built up mucus and strengthen the lungs. A winner.

  542. Maia Mittelstaedt

    My husband always has a bad sinus cough and it makes everything come out and relives his cough. You must try it!!!!

  543. Carol G

    I was happily surprised it was that easy. Great customer service. Get this. It works and it’s guaranteed! You don’t have to worry about being stuck with a useless device.

  544. John W.

    I am so happy with this product as able to get rid of all the phlegm. 100% recommended!!!

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    I have struggled with bronchitis and asthma all of my life. After using this exercise device it has drastically increase my ability to cough up mucus and take deep breath.

  546. Everdo

    After 2 weeks of use, I have almost lost all of my short of breath issues. I would recommend this product!!!

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    This Blue Eco Care breathing lung expansion device is working perfectly.

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    Amazing! I feel it in my cheat and up my throat and i cannot wait for a week from now. It is amazing!!

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    This as good as pulmonary rehab!! Love it.

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    So glad I bought this so I can stop taking over the counter mucus medication as I have for several months. I love it.

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    Bought this for my sister. She said it works very well!

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    I am very pleased with it. It helps a lot. I highly recommend this device to everyone who has a breathing problem.

  553. Gottlieb

    It was all mucus from the lungs. I already feel 100 percent better after suffering for some months with mucus collection in the back of my throat that I couldn’t seem to expel.

  554. Sam

    I feel it helps to make my lungs stronger. It’s made a big improvement in the quality of my life.

  555. Allison F. Barney

    It works just like it says. Simple and easy to use.

  556. Christina

    The first time I used this device it eliminated the gurgling and I was able to sleep without any toxic prescription medication….one of the best nights of my life so far.

  557. Nicholas Titus

    I have asthma and this definitely helps loosen mucus. Makes coughs more productive.

  558. Jessica Diaz

    I have been using it for 4 days now i don’t clear my throat and i don’t have any phlm buildup. What a life saver.

  559. Rose Young

    This device loosens mucus very effectively

  560. Jean-Francois Plourde

    My 70 years old mom has both asthma and stage 4 COPD. In less than a day, she was already able to cough up a large amount of blockage. She is calling it her best friend! I will update more once she used it for a while!

  561. Tammi

    Love this. I have asthma and I have not used my daily inhaler since using this device regularly.

  562. Pursley

    This is a simple yet very effective device. I’ve suffered from lung challenges for many years and I instantly felt an improvement the first day I started using this.

  563. Bill W.

    This little device works really well and is helpful in strengthening the lungs.

  564. Margaret Soace

    Its works out your lungs which after a while you will start to feel the difference in your breathing pattern.

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    Easy to use and well made. Definitely recommend

  566. Lena McGregor

    Very helpful with mucous removal and lung expansion. Works well and is easy to use. I hope it continues to help over time. Very good so far.

  567. Maria Lepore

    My mother loves it and thank Blue Echo Care

  568. Crescenzo

    This breathing therapy device has made all the difference for me. My lung condition caused me to cough a great deal through the day, and especially at night.

  569. Charlie LaDuca

    Like it, helps get up deep phlem …..Thanks..

  570. LaDuca

    I’ve used this product a few times and does very well for the intended use

  571. D. Brown

    It really works it help loosen the mucus

  572. Kate Mahoney

    My husband has COPD and daily will cough up phlegm. With this device and his daily use 2 to 3 times a day he is able to expel the phlegm without the normal cough after cough after cough.

  573. Zoe Gras

    Amazing device is very helpful for COPD sufferers, definitely assists in clearing breathing passages!

  574. Janet Shane.

    It was a gift for a friend but she tells me it’s wonderful

  575. Marlene Lenz

    I liked the simplicity of the product design and its portability. My pulmonologist recommended this product and I started using it last week. It’s helping!

  576. Mike Adams

    Just as the ad says. It helps to clear your lungs.

  577. Anthony C.

    After recovering from covid and having the lingering symptoms for a month I was desperate to find some relief.

  578. Jackie Croasdale

    Within 2 days I could feel such a difference I ordered one for my husband. He’s as much a believer as I am. This little unit is unbelievably effective!

  579. Barbara Turner

    Have been only using for 1 week but using as recommended it does exactly as stated in material received.

  580. Patricia L

    Helped with a cough my daughter has had for several months.

  581. Younker

    Highly effective in helping clear mucous from chronic bronchitis. Breathing gets easier without use of meds. Very easy to use after carefully reading directions and following illustrations.

  582. Minnesota

    Love it… helps me cough out my lung junk…

  583. Valerie H

    This works exactly as promised. After a few uses, my husband was breathing better and his chest was not as heavy feeling.

  584. Erik in

    I use it 3 times a day. It’s really helping clear out the airways.

  585. S. Lynn

    Remove phlegm. Resistance was appropriate and comfortable. It is easy to clean.

  586. Armstrong

    Compact design as well. Excellent product!

  587. Monica M

    This device has been a life changer!!!

  588. Isaac O.

    This product works really well for my wife. Her left lung collapsed years ago & because of that she has cough & gets pneumonia easily. This product helps to get all the junk out of her lungs.

  589. B. Terry

    Really helps get phlegm up

  590. Scott Smith

    Really works as advertise. I feel better after using this device

  591. Sara O

    It’s that easy to use. You can feel it working in your lungs. Also cleaning it is very simple.

  592. Charlie

    This device actually helps with breathing by exercising the lungs without working out

  593. M.G

    Happy I bought it…

  594. Nora

    Very sturdy for long term usage, easily cleaned, easy to use, and effective.

  595. Glenn V.

    I have just started using this and its clearing my chest. Amazinggg

  596. D. Ahrens

    I wish I found this sooner it really helps!

  597. Pursley

    This product was excellent. It definitely removes mucous. It is a great supplemental to regular asthma treatment.

  598. Janet shook

    Glad i found it online doing my own research. Cleaning is easy, it’s portable, and I even use it at work when I need to. Thank you Thank you Thank you for making this available.

  599. Margaret Soace

    Well, I recently started using it, I can see how it will improve the strength of my diaphragm…

  600. Mike Adams

    I bought it for my gf. She uses it about 5 times a day and her lungs are beginning to strengthen and it also helps with her mucus!

  601. Erik in

    This device is great. Helps clear mucus from airways and feels to strengthen my lungs.

  602. Minnesota

    I have some emphysema and I am glad I bought this. SO FAR!!! Only had it 2 days (used 4 times). Will revise my review if it fails to please in the next couple weeks, but I don’t think it will. Highly recommend.

  603. Jackie Croasdale

    Works very well to clear my lungs. Very happy with my purchase.

  604. Sara O

    It’s amazing what this little device can do for my lungs. It’s been my go to when I’m starting to cough and have chest congestion! Thank you

  605. Sonny

    This is the first time that my lungs feel healthy after COVID pandemic.

  606. Kate kate

    I bought this for my husband. He just used it for the first time for 10 minutes and says he hasn’t breathed like this since he was a teenager. He has asthma and possible COPD. Great product.

  607. Rick Komm

    I just quit smoking as I was suffering from terrible COPD. This product has been tremendously helpful in excreting the buildup of tar from years of smoking. I have significantly fewer symptoms of COPD since using it, for example, less fatigue. A miracle product!

  608. Perry Alyse

    I purchased it for my daughter-in-law who had pneumonia and pleurisy just after brain surgery. It has worked well to help her heal. Her lungs are now clear.

  609. Tracy S

    Using this has helped me regain lung function so I’m able to be active again. As I said, it hasn’t fully eliminated my cough but it has helped so much!

  610. J. R. Hellmuth

    So glad I found this. It does what it says it does. I can breath deeper to get the best out of my treatments. You will feel the difference. I have already recommended it to a few friends who also suffer from asthma and bronchitis

  611. James Anderson

    I’d say using this device is allowing better/more transfer of oxygen into my lung tissue, at least so far. If this continues to work — and I would think it would — this has been a bargain.

  612. Sturat

    I have struggled with bronchitis and asthma all of my life. After using this exercise device it has drastically increase my ability to cough up mucus and take deep breath‘s.

  613. David Gover

    Have been using it daily since received to combat the weird post-virus breathing issues and immediately I was able to address the built up mucus and strengthen the lungs. A winner.

  614. Stacey Wright

    This product is great if you have COPD like I do! It clears my lungs of all mucus immediately. I keep it in a bag in my purse so I have it whenever I need it.

  615. D. Ket

    As a former respiratory therapist, I know the importance of using these. I was thrilled to find this was just as good as what we used with patients in hospitals. These help to break up and clear out congestion from the lungs and airway.

  616. Troik

    It works. So glad I bought this so I can stop taking over the counter mucus medication as I have for several months. I love it.

  617. Barbara Austin.

    The first time I used this device it eliminated the gurgling and I was able to sleep without any toxic prescription medication….one of the best nights of my life so far.

  618. Henry

    I bought a second mucus clearing devise, one for my exercise bag and one for my vanity at home. I love this product.

  619. Joseph Veronese

    I can breathe better after I use it. I can feel that it is training me to breathe more correctly, and that I am improving my respiratory health.

  620. Kichka

    Amazing! I feel it in my cheat and up my throat and i cannot wait for a week from now. It is amazing!! Ty for making this. Covid keeps us in. This as good as pulmonary rehab!! Love it.

  621. Adam Gilchrist

    This is a simple yet very effective device. I’ve suffered from lung challenges for many years and I instantly felt an improvement the first day I started using this. Consistency is key but it sure works.

  622. Williams U.

    It helps to make my lungs stronger. I am very happy I purchased it. It’s made a big improvement in the quality of my life.

  623. Cumming Oram

    I had doubts on this product but it works just like it says. Simple and easy to use. I recommend getting the filter-less cleaning and traps the bacteria.

  624. K. Janice

    This tool is solid and well made. I have only had it for a few days but I am already aware that I am handling it better and better.

  625. Arden G. Miller

    I have Bronchitis, this product help me to produce mucus, it’s wonderful product

  626. Mike Stewart

    I like it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and its helping.

  627. Leigh Arra

    I have to say that this device really helps me with the mucus that I deal with every morning and night.

  628. Glemm McDonald

    This is making my lungs stronger, and I can breathe easily the rest of the day after using it in the morning.

  629. Ciara Alex

    I have severe COPD so anything to help that is a bonus…. this thing works!

  630. Bob A Woolmer

    Have already removed mote phlegm than with coughing alone. I did have some trouble getting the top off the first time and have the wound to prove it!!

  631. David Stockham

    I use it three times a day to clear mucus from my chest and I’m breathing much easier without coughing. For my situation, this really works.

  632. Melinda Gilchrist

    I have issues with sinus congestion and have a hard time coughing up phlegm. I’m always afraid I’m going to catch pneumonia again. This device works great to keep fluid from building up in your lungs.

  633. Darlene L Brown

    My little sister has C.O.P.D. and after using this product she noticed on the first use that she was coughing up mucus which was in her lungs and she felt like her lungs felt stronger after using the item for a day, like her lungs had a work out.

  634. Ama Jeff

    Surprised me! Takes about 10 minutes but this is the only thing that has worked to loosen my lung congestion!

  635. Nancy H.

    My lungs feel stronger/much deeper; big breath and hacked up a bunch of flem..slept deeper for some reason also.

  636. A Hackett

    Great product! My breathing in general feels much easier now!

  637. Laim Carter

    I use this daily and it does work to relieve the phlegm from my lungs.

  638. Kathy Lawrence

    I’ve got a chest cold. Used this to get rid of the phlegm without annoying coughing and it worked!

  639. Plunkett

    I’m very happy with my purchase and I believe it’s worth the cost.

  640. Jia Govind

    Purchased for hubby with covid pneumonia. He uses every day several times a day along with an incentive spirometer. Very pleased with results in getting mucus off his lungs.

  641. Carolyn S. Carter

    Have COPD and this tool is the BEST for assisting with getting the phlegm up and out of your chest!!

  642. Laurence britt

    My husband has lung cancer and this device is helping to expand his lungs.

  643. Robert P. Billow

    There’s no dislikes for this item. It’s easy to disassemble and clean, easy to use with strong quality and thickness.

  644. Talon

    My dad had covid and this is helping his lungs

  645. Everardo

    Wonderful product works well as stated highly recommend it

  646. Thomas Nass

    This helpful little tool works like a champ. I use it several times a day and it really helps to keep my lungs and nasal passages clear. Highly recommend this easy to use breathing tool!

  647. M Maia

    This is great like a teeny version of a peak flow meter.

  648. Cassie R.

    Had success with the Breather and I am ready for stronger resistance with Breather Fit. Feeling good about the progress I’m making

  649. P. A. Wicker

    It does however help me relax and control breathing at night before bed or before a competition.

  650. Faf du Plessis

    As much as I did not want this product I have to say it has improved my lung efficiency.

  651. Niekerk

    I’m an emphysema sufferer and this has been a wonderful instrument to use.

  652. Mike Snow

    Does what it’s meant to do, helps one work their lungs. It does this very well!

  653. Kathryn

    I had lung surgery to remove upper left lobe and I was concerned about using what lung I have left to its maximum capability. I found this device, use it religiously and It improved my lung function so much that I bought one for my asthmatic sister!

  654. Courtney Walsh

    I am a normally healthy 62 year old endurance athlete and after Covid-19 I had pneumonia and diminished lung capacity. This device is fantastic for restoring lung capacity and building good diaphragmatic breathing.

  655. Paul Collingwood

    Great product! This has vastly improved my daily cardio. I have found that my lung functioning is greatly improved, as I no longer get out of breath easily.

  656. Michael Gysin

    This is a great stamina builder. Easy to use, dials to make it harder or easier.

  657. Carol Y

    Great product and vendor

  658. Maghen

    I ordered it on Monday and it got it on Tuesday. Nice surprise. It works great.

  659. A. Dettinger

    Life saver, my cardio, pulmonary health quickly keeps getting noticeably better the more I use this. Help alot with stress, anxiety.

  660. Lizelle Lee

    My husband’s physical therapist recommended it and is absolutely amazing!

  661. Kyle Verreynne

    think I’ve found the key to reducing my asthma and improving my overall fitness level.

  662. Reid Y

    A good product to increase lung function

  663. Marizanne

    I meet my expectations

  664. Laura Wolvaardt

    My daughter uses this for track. I have noticed a great increase in her lung strength. She is able to run longer without being as winded.

  665. Martin Briggs

    Fantastic product, my lungs and breathing power was much stronger after just 2 weeks.

  666. Michae Cohen

    It had changed my ability to breath tremendously! I love this product.

  667. Lourdes

    Suffering with shortness of breath and this exerciser has helped tremendously. I would recommend to anyone wanting or needing to improve their breathing.

  668. Trisha Chetty

    Excellent product to strengthen the diaphragm when singing.

  669. T Skinner

    Really helped with my asthma, opened passages so didn’t need to use rescue inhaler nearly as much.

  670. Bristow

    Does its job. Was recommended by a speech language pathologist.

  671. Andrie Steyn

    Does what it says it will. just have to use it.

  672. Brett

    Awesome. Well made product works good

  673. E A. Eisenhardt

    I love this device! As a doctor of physical therapy, I wish I could buy one for everyone I know and all of my patients!

  674. Aiden Markram

    This works! I’ve been using for almost three weeks. I noticed that my breathing is easier when I’m running even with faster pace! Love it!

  675. David Miller

    This product helped my running and swimming.

  676. Tiberius

    This is a great product. Really works the lungs. Noticeably for stronger breathing. Recommend for athletes or any one else for that matter

  677. G. Caplan

    After using this for about 2 months, my breathing is much better. I can feel that my lungs are working more efficiently and I feel less congested. This is easy to use and easy to clean as well.

  678. Anneke Bosch

    This is a game changer. If you are looking to improve in sports or improve your fitness overall you’ve found your answer.

  679. Chloe Tryon

    This device is not only has my stamina improved but I’m sleeping better also.

  680. Susan E.

    I love this! I felt better the first day I used it!

  681. Kristian Z.

    Excellent product! Simple to use, with huge results!

  682. Blitz

    I have only been using it a few days but I’m already starting to notice a difference in lung capacity and stamina. Truly life changing!

  683. Clifford Roe

    Never thought such a simple device could make such a difference.

  684. Anthony k.

    I bought two so my husband and I could exercise our lungs daily. Works good and arrived fast

  685. Sue Natasha

    I was short of breath quite often. I purchased this to exercise my lungs and I am doing better.

  686. Lisa V. Hecht

    I tried this product since I have some bad lungs from smoking from a young age. I can’t say it really helps but what I can say is I enjoy it, I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I think my lungs have been breathing deeper and more full since I started. It helps you progress your breathing.

  687. Frank Kletecka

    It was exactly what we ordered and exactly what we needed it for to help reflate lungs following a virus!

  688. Sonja Schlegel

    This simple device has expanded my lung complicity and in turn I have more energy to do things such as working, walking and everything else that requires a bit of muscle use and energy.

  689. Sherry V.

    I’m blown away! I thought was just buying a breathing trainer for my lungs, and I ended up with that plus an education of breathing health that has changed my life!

  690. Denise Wright

    This has helped my husband’s breathing problem tremendously. Now he highly recommends this for shortness of breath.

  691. L. Jarvis

    For anyone who’d like to expand lung capacity– in order to breathe easier– this convenient device is great.

  692. Carla M.

    I’m using this product to help strengthen our lungs during COVID-19. You can feel the difference after a few days. I mainly use this during breathing exercises in yoga sessions.

  693. Annette B.

    Bought this because my husband always complains a shortness of breath. Works like a charm for him

  694. Sophie Luara

    I use this to exercise my lungs since I have COPD. It works well

  695. Charlotte K. Lowrie

    It is a great lung exerciser to strengthen your lungs. Easy to clean and to carry around.

  696. Brain Lara

    I can tell it is really working for me so far. To achieve the best result, you just have to be consistent. I would definitely recommend it.

  697. AB De Villiers

    With just a week of training, I am already noticing an improvement in my lung capacity.

  698. Chris Morris

    Got us through Covid-19. You have to keep your lungs exercised and going to ward off pneumonia due to covid. It was great advice from my doctor. This little machine helped us a lot. Thank you.

  699. Karen

    I bought this for my father because he has been complaining that he gets out of breath pretty quickly lately. He’s been using it for 2 days so far but says that he can already feel a difference.

  700. Jhimi

    This thing actually works!! I’m a smoker, caught a bad cold and my cough never went away. I’ve been using this every night and it is helping.

  701. Joseph P. Cupp

    I use this a few times a week to improve my lung function and help to keep my lungs clear.

  702. Sharon Slowe

    A family member contacted the coronavirus. I made them use this as a lung exercise (as he has COPD) They are now doing better

  703. Kara

    I got this to help my deep breathing with COPD.

  704. Irma A.

    My hubby is using it regularly to keep his lungs open and functioning well after being in the hospital for 66 days with pneumonia.

  705. C. Haydon

    The nurses from home healthcare recommended me getting one, I’m very glad I did!

  706. R. Stoddert

    Easy to use and clean. Helped when I had COVID.

  707. Joann Lavis

    Good lung exercise.

  708. Tremblay

    Bought this for my dad. He has already made an improvement on his lung capacity. Severe COPD. It definitely is helping.

  709. Jenn Adair

    My husband has an illness and this is helping to regain some of his strength of his breathing

  710. William

    Works very well

  711. Joy Q. King

    I use this for my breathing I like this machine very much it helps me to open up my airways which I have COPD Great lung exerciser at your own speed. Thank you

  712. Bill Curry

    Love Dad been using it.

  713. Carolyn

    Purchase to help with relative who had COVID it was extremely helpful with breathing exercises.

  714. Marian

    Great for exercising your lungs!!!

  715. Lynda C

    A must covid weapon to have in the home!

  716. Cwamne Howard

    Great product, I was having problems to breathe after Covid and I was suggested to use this for therapy, I feel the difference in a couple of days.

  717. Marie

    Would recommend. It is extremely helpful and fun to use.

  718. Langi

    Like it for breathing exercises for husband with copd to strengthen his lungs

  719. L. Chirico

    Have to use it to keep my lung capacity up.

  720. Christina L. Chirico

    Life saver. Helped me reduce the impact to my lungs and respiratory system from Covid both during and post covid…

  721. Walt

    This was great as I was recovering from Covid.

  722. Brant

    I can see this being a real help in gaining lung strength.

  723. S Smith

    Great merchandise

  724. Heidi

    This product did what it promised. My doctor recommended it and I’m glad I followed his advice. Great product!

  725. Rey Valdes

    I am very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it!

  726. Jackie

    Used to try to increase respiratory volume.

  727. latronica

    I bought this after developing breathing difficulties while having covid. It works great and helped me when I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest.

  728. DeCarlo

    it helps opening my lungs.

  729. Francesca

    It allowed me to exercise my lungs after contracting covid pneumonia. It allowed me to regain my breathing health

  730. Ruthann Bader

    Very pleased with quality of deep breather. It is just what I wanted. Thank you.

  731. D. Lenning

    Light, very fast shipping. Delivered on time. Does the job.

  732. Valorie W

    My mom needed this product to exercise her lungs following a cold to ward off pneumonia. It’s been working good so far!

  733. Oliver

    Very easy to use! Arrived on time.

  734. Tamika

    I recommend everyone get and have in the house, as this is very helpful for home care, rehab, surgery prep whatever, it is really almost a necessity-so get one, practice using it and recommend it to your family and friends.

  735. Sandra Rybak

    Easy to use helped with lungs before surgery

  736. Phila

    Easy to use got for my family who was Covid but still at home a way to keep lungs functioning

  737. Raquel

    As an “older person” I use this product for greater lung expansion because while not ill, I don’t want to have to wait until I need it.

  738. Eric Benjamin

    I wanted to increase my lung capacity without using medications I feel better each time I use it.

  739. Ana R.

    Helps my breathing

  740. Pamela

    This device is going to be most helpful and allow me to monitor my progress.

  741. Bruce Hankee

    This device is going to be most helpful and allow me to monitor my progress. The instructions are clear, don’t rush, just take it slowly until you see improvement.

  742. David Madsen

    After a few days of using this tool my lungs improved greatly. Thank you so much for making this wonderful device.

  743. Dovechick

    I had pneumonia earlier in the year and wanted to rebuild my lung capacity. I use it mostly every day and find my lung capacity is building.

  744. Susan

    This is a great item to use to strengthen your lungs

  745. Evangelina

    I have been using while observing my O2 percentage and getting good results

  746. Barnett

    I ordered this for my daughter to use, who is recovering from Covid-19.

  747. J. Tallari

    I will keep using to improve my breathing. Less short up breath now.

  748. Hannah S.

    Absolutely worth it, I saw improvement in 3 days

  749. Herrera

    I recommend this simple, but very productive device.

  750. Lilly B.

    This little device is truly amazing! ….I

  751. N. Bayer

    I use it a few times a day and I am sleeping better I am not waking up gasping for air.

  752. Joseph Lorenzo

    This is the simplest exercise you can do to improve your breathing and lung capacity.

  753. Steven

    This product saved my lungs from atrophying.

  754. Karen Kocik

    Helps to breath better.

  755. Laura

    Easy to use. just started so not sure of results at the moment but really easy to use.

  756. Paul Touroonjian

    Quick and easy to use before my workout. Could definitely tell a difference in breathing after first week of use. Easy to clean.

  757. Kelly

    I have COPD and am off oxygen right now. But because of the pollution and winds I cannot venture outside much. This has helped me keep my lungs in condition so that I can walk when weather permits.

  758. Nancy Mosinski

    Since the coronavirus started, I am using this product every day, twice a day. It keeps my lungs strong.

  759. Mike B

    Great for exercising lungs and increasing capacity.. Never more important than during a COVID pandemic.

  760. Barton

    Fast shipping. Well packaged. Easy to use. I start off each day using this for several minutes. I do not have any sort of breathing problems, I use this to exercise my lungs.

  761. Lindsey K.

    This is a simple, easy way to increase your lung capacity. Using it regularly has made a huge difference for my husband, who has asthma and was experiencing shortness of breath.

  762. Natalie Kehew

    Easy to use. Family member with asthma and pneumonia needed to get lungs expanded. This is lightweight, portable and easy to use.

  763. Lisa F

    It’s lightweight and does the job well.

  764. Ashley

    The product is as described and appears well made. Would recommend.

  765. Amanda E.

    I purchased 2 of these for my husband and my father. As a RN, I know the true value of breathing exercises and agree with the other reviewer that everyone should have one of these and practice.

  766. Eddie

    I found that this works perfectly fine

  767. MaryMc

    My daughter was having some breathing issues and this has helped her lung capacity – highly recommend product and seller!!

  768. Lance Bush

    This tool provides a really good workout for your lungs. It’s simple to use, easy to clean.

  769. Wendi

    Purchased for my nephew, he’s asthmatic, to strengthen his lung capacity. His Specialist believe the exercise can help him.

  770. Mark Jonathan

    Well made. Good instructions came with it. Easy to use.

  771. Tom Flicker

    I got covid- 19 when I was diagnosed with pneumonia… I used it multiple times a day to strengthen my lungs again… this was perfect!!!!! Highly recommend

  772. Senzi

    Excellent product. It worked very well for my husband’s lungs. Would definitely buy again.

  773. SherryB

    Was just what I was looking for and works well.

  774. Cheryl Dawn Adams

    Product works fine bought for my dad who has congestive heart failure it keeps his lungs healthy

  775. James Faulkner

    Easy to use

  776. Jeanie Silver

    My sister was pleased with the device, it was helpful with her breathing exercise.

  777. Beverly L.

    Product is exactly how I expected. Easy to use…very nice quality and good Price. Would recommend!

  778. Chelsea Taylor

    Helped me get my breathing back to normal after COVID.

  779. Morgan Osborn

    This breathing exercise really helps my 73 year old dad. He has congestive heart failure and using this several times a day has really helped clear his lungs.

  780. A.T. Hyman

    This breathing exerciser really does help, would recommend for anyone.

  781. Charles J.

    It breaks up the mucus and helps me cough it up.

  782. Bren

    A great product that helped me with my breathing.

  783. Don Elliott

    I purchased this for my mom with copd and she has used it faithfully to try and keep her lungs as strong as possible. It has really helped her

  784. Sydney Holecek

    Great product helped me recover from pneumonia

  785. Betty

    Very easy to use and will buy more for my family again.

  786. Amanda

    Helps with my lungs good to take deep breaths

  787. Niki O’Hara

    I had covid pneumonia back in December and have had some heart issues since. I feel like this really helps clear out my lungs and makes me feel better.

  788. Lynette Silarski

    After using it I have to say, it does its job exactly as it should.

  789. Kathleen A.

    This is a wonderful product and works as described.

  790. Patricia Venerable

    This is a great item to have if you or someone you love has asthma. It is also essential in the healing process of COVID-19 with asthma.

  791. Angelo T. Angelis

    My husband received this from the hospital and it was a great way to exercise his lungs. We recently bought one for my 84 year old mother who caught covid and had some lung issues. She said it helped her heal fast.

  792. Terri Norris

    This really helped me when I had COVID. I now know the importance of lung strength so I try to remember to do lung exercises more regularly.

  793. Dean Jones

    It is a great design for simple use

  794. Kelly Jarillo

    I purchased three and my family and I definitely notice a difference in breathing when these are used consistently.

  795. J. Lavis

    Purchased this to supplement care for bronchitis. It helped me immensely by boosting my lung capacity while recovering from bronchitis! Easy to use, cleans up easily.

  796. Ray

    Just like the ones the hospital uses. Great exercise for those with lung issues or repeated lung illnesses, like bronchitis

  797. Oscar Herrera

    Great to test your lung function

  798. McGinnis

    Was exactly what I needed. Shipping was fast and higher quality product.

  799. Fran M

    Excellent device for lung recovery after surgery. My spouse was crushed in a collision that left half of her body injured. This is the closest thing to the spirometer that she was given at the hospital for continued recovery at home.

  800. Douglas Erving

    Gave to my mother to help her breathe easier – it’s working.

  801. Justin S.

    This is awesome, my son needs this to exercise his lungs and his one he had from the hospital he had broken.

  802. T Gray

    Great for exercising your lungs especially after illness

  803. Kris Stark

    It is proving to be very beneficial in helping me get back to a more normal breathing capacity. I highly recommend this little tool.

  804. Jeff Thomas

    Got this for my husband who is recovering from COVID pneumonia. It made all the difference with his breathing.

  805. Alicia M.

    Accurate. Works like the doctors

  806. Cindy K

    This device helped me do breathing exercises with my father who was suffering from viral pneumonia. He is recovering well because of the help of this device.

  807. Leopoldina Baez

    Was recommended to me by my brother. Works as advertised and has an easy learning curve, I suffer from COPD and use this to monitor and improve my lung capacity.

  808. Megan Shuan

    My husband’s lungs increase expansion

  809. Janice B

    Helped me recover from pneumonia. Glad I made the purchase.

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